Mi Casa Spread Their Wings

Mi Casa Spread Their Wings

by Editor                              Posted: 2020/05/25

The chart-topping band has some big news in store for their devoted fanbase.

Mi Casa, after being at the forefront of the local scene, are about to spread their wings and enter a new chapter. But don’t let us ruin the surprise, we caught up with them to get some insight into what their big news is and what it means for the band going forward.


Hey guys, we heard that you had some big news to tell us. What is it and how long has it been in the works?

Hey fam! CRAZY! So, I think what we must say is that this has been a dream of ours for years. Maybe even since we started our career. We always wanted to have a team that could take us to the global stage!

We have officially signed a global deal with Universal Records and Afroforce1!!! After 10 years in the game … a 10-year spell that I must say has been super special and has seen us do some pretty dope things. NOW … what can we achieve with all this support now from the biggest label in the world?? That’s what we are curious to know … so here’s to the next chapter of Mi Casa.


Should we expect a lot more albums to come from it?

YES! We have created the dopest album of all time as far as our story goes. I think this next album is an important part to our puzzle. It’s fresh, it’s us without any boxes, it’s a fusion of our roots with where we right now.

How do you feel your style has evolved that has brought you to this moment in time?

We have grown so much. Most important I think we have grown OUT of the comfort zone we were in and we pushing boundaries now, our minds feel clearer, our ears are refreshed, and personally we in such a good space as a band. Hungry for more. This new sound is a sign of maturity in my opinion, it also shows what happens when you actually just create and don’t think too much about what people will think or expect and rather focus on what you hearing and what you wanna say.


Do you think this is the ideal time to sign for an international label with not being able to travel across the world?

WE believe that every day is super crucial. To be as present as possible. To adapt to change and most importantly to ensure that we stay pushing the boundaries in these times is very important to us.

This move sees us being able to have a solid team behind us and able to adapt and makes moves quicker than we could have before. Being a musician in lockdown and with everything going on is super hard to say the least, my heart is with the industry as a whole, but I do feel that we in a better position than we were before.


How have you been staying grounded during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Doing the things that matter and everyday having a moment to reflect on the things I’m grateful for. I mean when you wake up and have a big cup of coffee, a roof over your head, warm clothes on, food on the table … there isn’t much that actually matters other than the people that have less. Thats where our hearts are.


Finally, are there any causes you would like to give you shoutout to, to help those in need?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entertainment industry at the moment. The engineers, the stage builders, the photographers, the videographers, the venues, festival developers, etc. Our hears and thoughts are with you, we are trying to do as much as we possibly can.

A special shout out to Reach for a Dream that amongst the pandemic is still trying to give little kids that have life threatening diseases their dreams. We carry on soldiering for this cause!

The chart-topping band has some big news in store for their devoted fanbase.



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