Home is Hot Water's Ode to SA

Home is Hot Water's Ode to SA

by Editor                              Posted: 2020/05/25

Donovan Copley's latest release speaks about unity and helping each other in times of need.

Donovan Copley, front man of Cape Town Afro-Pop band Hot Water, delivers a heartwarming lockdown music video for the brand-new single ‘Home’ to raise funds for the Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition. The music video features appearances from celebs such as Passenger, Jeremy Loops, Jules from Goodluck, Arno Carstens, Sandra Prinsloo, David Kramer, Zak Hendrikz, Majozi, Jack Parow, and many.

‘Home’ is also available now across all digital platforms:  

Some of South Africa’s biggest names in the entertainment industry, in front and behind the cameras, have united for the quarantine music video of ‘Home’.

Watch the music video for ‘Home’ here:

As much as 100% of proceeds across all platforms will be going to the Feed a Child Coalition which distributes food parcels to those in need due to the devastating impact of Covid-19. There are other ways to help too: Donations are welcome, but so are views and shares. The music video is as much an ode to humanity and the connectedness of the Human Spirit despite physical disconnection, as it is about the Fundraiser.

Hey Donovan, firstly I’d just like to say that we loved your energy and unique take on the live performance during the One Love Benefit Concert, is that just how you normally are or does your music get you revved up?

Ah thanks, I loved that concert too!

I am normally high energy and performances just add fuel to the fire.


You said that you cried a lot during the writing of ‘Home’, and tapped into a more feminine side of Hot Water, what sort of emotions and visual inspiration did you use to write the song?

Yes, so HOME is “revved up” but focused inwards, so it goes really deep. Writing songs for me is a space to be entirely free and honest and this song really took and shook me on a journey deep into the bowl of things I’ve been holding onto, stories I’ve heard about my grandfather, my Dad and really just humanity in general. So, call it “an ancestral clearing” for everyone if you will.


 ‘Home’ is quite a collaborative effort of people coming together for a cause, how do you as public figure deal with the realisation that what you do is very impactful on society?

I practice not making it all about me.


How did the idea of ‘Home’ change through the creative process?

Home has always been a central theme for me - Hot Water’s very first album was actually called Home, and I’ve released several songs like that sing about for example “going home” and “I want to go home” and another early on in my career that goes “he was a long way from home”. In this song, the lyrics say, “…you’ve come home”.

And I must say I do feel at home.


‘Home’, of course, is all for the Feed a Child Coalition, can you tell us a bit more about them?


All proceeds and royalties from all forms of income from HOME have been donated to the Feed a Child Coalition for the duration of the pandemic. Practically, the money goes straight into the account of the emergency food fund set up by the Major of the City of Cape Town and is distributed to many different NGOs that feed hungry children in the Western Cape.


What is your hope for projects like the Feed a Child Coalition past the COVID-19 pandemic and do you think they are going to create long-lasting awareness rather than existing in the here and now?


That’s a great question because of course there were hungry children on our doorsteps long before the pandemic emerged. Personally, I’m considering continuing channeling streams of my income towards vulnerable kids when the pandemic has passed.


Finally, because we have to ask, where do you see the future of people, live shows and music? Do you think that this separation and connection through online portals is temporary?


I see the future of people, live shows and music as an adventure, something joyous, something we get to create.

From this vantage point, life is a joyous adventure - no matter what happens.

I’ve come to see that my perspective is the only thing I truly have control over, and perspective determines almost everything else in terms of the way I experience and act in life. Very practically, far more effective and powerful action can be seen and taken too, from an empowering perspective, so it’s a win all round.

Donovan Copley's latest release speaks about unity and helping each other in times of need.



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