Unforgettable Eggs Benedicts In Joburg

Unforgettable Eggs Benedicts In Joburg

by Mamello Sejake                              Posted: 2017/03/28

For those of you who don’t just like eggs benedicts but love them this is for you.

The lovely Christy once said, “people who like their eggs benedict love them” and I didn’t get it until I went out on my own to try and test the hypothesis for myself. My findings? I absolutely and indubitably agree. If you find a place that makes flawless eggs bennies, hold on tight and don’t let go. If you don’t know where that is, then look no further because I’ve put together a short list for you. I got you.


I’m not proud of this but this excursion served as a meet and greet between myself and the wonderful world of eggs benedict and Velo gave me a wonderful welcome. The two poached eggs perched on top of crispy bacon strips laid on the toasted English muffin and dressed in a rich hollandaise sauce instigated a peaceful start to my day. Very simple, extremely traditional and absolutely divine. So, if you aren’t looking to step too far from what you know and love but still want to enjoy the sweet taste of something comfortably familiar then this one is for you.


Woolworths Foods

This was an interesting one and crafted mainly for the healthy carb conscious eater – I think, completely untraditional but rather yummy. Instead of the English muffin you get a smoky grilled brown mushroom, a poached egg, wilted spinach, roasted rosa tomatoes and covered in that fine hollandaise sauce. It was a nice surprise and although lots of places were keen to play around with changes to the traditional recipe, I have yet to come across one as unique as the Woolies one.

Walnut Grove

Here’s another thriller. I admire chefs who don’t only blow you away with the ability to put together an unforgettable meal but aren’t afraid to experiment a bit as well. I was thoroughly impressed with this take on the eggs benedict and it’s called croquette eggs benedict. It’s made of two medium poached eggs layered on homemade potato, parmesan and herb croquettes with emmental cheese and creamy spinach. All served on a bed of fresh rocket layered on a titanic slice of toast and paired with a light lemon zest dressing on the side – you also have the option of adding bacon or salmon. Undeniably delicious however you look at it.


Doppio Zero

This was a great morning delight. Instead of the pork I opted for the smoked salmon with the poached eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes and hollandaise sauce on sourdough. I’m not a huge fan of salmon but for some strange reason I enjoy it when there’s eggs somewhere in the mix, I like that the egg soften what I find to be the pungent taste of salmon.

Salvation Cafe

The praises from breakfast lovers walked me towards this one. Here you have a choice of one of four benedict all of which are stunning – unfortunately I strong armed myself into trying three of the four. So here’s how you can do it: eggs benedict with bacon, eggs florentine with spinach, the salvation benedict with spinach and bacon and the royal benedict with salmon trout and avo. Whichever rendition you treat yourself to you won’t regret it – you can’t considering that they’re all married to a fresh toasted English muffin and homemade hollandaise sauce.


For those of you who don’t just like eggs benedicts but love them this is for you.



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