Twilight And Full On Fun In The Underground

Twilight And Full On Fun In The Underground

by Daniel McCaughtry                              Posted: 2015/10/26

Nick Grater chatted to us about the evolution of Twilight and making memorable experiences.

Twilight is entering into its 8th edition with another party that promises to be bigger than the last at their brand new venue on the banks of the Vaal River. It’s an outdoor party that has matured over the years, always opening up more people to the underground scene in Joburg and generally catering to mostly everyone involved in the scene’s needs. We chatted to Twilight boss Nick Grater, who plays night time techno under the same name and psychedelic trance in his Bionic form, about the evolution of not only Twilight but the underground scene in general to figure out why so many people are attracted to it and what makes it special.

Hey Nick, so you’ve been in the underground scene just as long as most of those who are a part of it. What was it like when it was first starting out and how did you get involved in it? 

The scene was awesome back in the day with Massive Raves and epic clubs like G.A.S.S. I was very fortunate to be part of the Rave era and saw the likes of Jeff Mills, Derrick May and Josh Wink to name a few at a very young age.  The music was vastly diverse from what it is today, much harder and faster and there weren’t as many sub genres as today. 

What’s the biggest change you can think of to the underground scene today? 

I think the biggest change is that most people now are more open to all different types electronic dance music. You will see similar faces at a techno party and then at an outdoor Psy Trance party, which I think is amazing.

What were the main challenges you faced when developing a brand like Twilight?

We have climbed many obstacles, and have learnt a great a deal and grown along the way. We have to ensure that the event is legal in every way, complying with the rules and laws of the local police and municipalities. It is extremely important for us to bring our punters a new and exciting experience each time we host an event – this drives us to strive for bigger, better décor, sound, lighting & entertainment. And then, of course, there is Mother Nature!! You never know what the weather will do – we have had our fair share of the elements thrown at us and that is always a challenge!!

You’re a big part of the techno and psy scenes but what influenced the decision to bring Science Frikshun on board as well? 

It was natural progression to have all underground 3 genres working together. Pretty much I had a chat with Roan aka RudeOne and the rest is history. Our first collaboration was held at Groovebar in Midrand in 2009 and was a Halloween party.

What, or who, should we be looking out for this time around?

Definitely Ital, he is a psychedelic master and am really looking forward to his set. Also June Miller, seriously rocks and then lastly can’t wait to be back at Hippo Adventures. It’s truly a magical place and one of the best venues ever. Feels like you’re on holiday.

Although there’s already been a Twilight there we have to focus a little on the new venue, what new possibilities do you think it opens up?

The venue is at a breath-taking beautiful location and is over 1.2 kms. This give us room to grow as a brand and we have loads of different options with Stage placement and setup. 

I’m not sure if you want to share the information, but if you could, is there going to be something special in keeping with the Halloween theme? 

Yes definitely we have some performances on the psytrance stage and a Halloween theme around stage 3. So everyone please make the effort to dress up. It’s going to be awesome. 

Anything that isn’t mainstream will obviously always be viewed differently. How have you, over the years, changed the perceptions regarding the “underground scene”?

I don’t think the perception of “underground” has changed at all, doing so would be making it “mainstream”. I don’t like to label anything – I just keep pushing on what I believe, love and share it with likeminded people. If I have changed peoples “perception” along the way in a positive way that is great! My vision has always been to share my passion for the music and the experience it all brings.

What gives you the most satisfaction from throwing a big outdoor festival? 

Seeing the people enjoy themselves to the max – creating an environment for them to let go and be free! To escape the mundane and connect with the music that they love! 

Where do you see Twilight in terms of outdoor parties in and around Joburg? And where do you see it going in the future?

We will keep on pushing the limits with our production and strive to bring out fresh cutting edge international artists.  We also hope to see many new faces that haven’t experienced an outdoor festival and welcome them into our family.

Nick Grater chatted to us about the evolution of Twilight and making memorable experiences.



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