Social Media Overshare

Social Media Overshare

by Belinda Glenn                              Posted: 2011/08/28

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sharing over the internet?

When facebook becomes your "Dear Diary" and you tweet about every bodily function, surely it's time to keep a few secrets and spare your friends the agony. Belinda asked Joburgers what they hate most about social networking overshares.

At this point, you pretty much have to be living under a rock not to have some kind of social media presence. But at what point does sharing become oversharing? We've all got one or two culprits on our friends list - the people who think it's scintillating to tweet about every morsel of food they consume throughout the day, or who use their facebook status updates as a kind of passive-aggressive weapon as they wage war on some poor sod. Of course, there's a simple solution to the problem - just hide or delete the cringe-worthy individuals who make you wish they'd heard of having quiet thoughts instead of sharing everything that crosses their minds.



But there's a bigger picture. Our online behaviour can't help but spill over into our real lives, and when you start to think you have a captive audience, hanging on your every tweet, narcissism tends to follow. A simple rule of thumb should be applied - we're never as interesting as we think we are! And of course, when you update that status, ask yourself if it's something you really want to share with 500 randomers. In the past, a girl might have called up her closest friends for a bitch session about her husband's affair, now all and sundry get to read the gritty details online. That may not be the kind of relationship you want to salvage, but it's kind of tacky and the start of a slippery slope. When you're 'friends' with the boss yet you whine about your job online because it's 'acceptable' to share your feelings, you're not exactly doing yourself any favours, personally or professionally. Just a thought.





I caught up with some cyber locals to ask them what their pet peeves are about social media overshares:

Mark:  You know that stupid 'foursquare' checking in - what's with people listing their toilet as a 'venue'?!

Tarryn:  Regular updates on the level of dilation during the birthing process! And Farmville, Zombies, Vampires blah blah blah.





Bruce: Attention seekers or cryptic updates that force people to ask what is going on.

Giselle:  Sharing every aspect of a nasty divorce on facebook.





Kathleen: This morning I woke up to pictures of my friend's 14 year old girl in her bikini sharing a rather intimate bubble bath with her friend. Not cool. Ever. There seems to be an increasing trend of young people putting too much out there. It needs to be filtered somehow. Also, birthing pictures. Nobody wants to see the photographs of your child's birth. I don't care how amazing the experience was. There are some yucky things that should be kept between couples and their doulas.

Angie: People who do stupid check ins on the places thing. Like checking into their own beds and tagging their husbands in the check in. People who never, ever stop whining about their sick kid. Every day it's something else. Munchausen syndrome anybody?  The same people like to post pictures of any injuries that they or their offspring receive. Vom. The games.  All the f*cking games. Will these gobshites never learn that I do not give a rat's arse about their farm and/or bakery?  Couples who share a page = losers. And that's what grinds my gears.







Where do you draw the line when it comes to sharing over the internet?



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