Pop Your Mielie: BCUC

Pop Your Mielie: BCUC

by Daniel McCaughtry                              Posted: 2016/02/29

We chatted to BCUC ahead of Mieliepop Festival about music, philosophy and being a part of it all.

Hailing from Soweto, BCUC bring their eclectic fusion music to all the people of all of the lands. Their credo is ‘Music For The People By The People With The People’ and as you hear the rhythm building throughout their show you feel it vibrate all the way through your being on so many levels.

We chatted to them ahead of Mieliepop Festival about music, philosophy and being a part of it all.

1. Greetings, how would you describe your music and your philosophy to people who have never heard BCUC before?

A fusion of indigenous drums, maskandi/underground club scene continuous bass guitar, chants, and interludes inside a multilayered song. That song can go anywhere (musically) at any time.

2. Who would you say are your biggest influences in the local scene?

We are dancing to the beat of our own drum. And if we can say there is anything that is an influence to us is the past underground music. Most of it was never recorded, if it was it was recorded poorly.

3. Tell us a bit about your success over the past year

It was coming so it didn’t hit us as a surprise, but the love is humbling and it’s encouraging us to keep our standard high.

4. How would you describe the current musical landscape in Johannesburg?

It is exciting and it is not a genre orientated scene. The scene in JHB, and Pretoria for that matter, is more about the state of mind and we love it.

5. How different is it being a band from Soweto, if there is any difference at all?

The difference is geographical, for example, when we wake up in the morning and take a stroll to the shops, traffic, the people and the smell of food is distinctly hood. So the difference is not about being from Soweto but it is about being from the township.

6. Up until now, has playing live to various audiences taught you something you never knew before?

We’ve learned that being in control is not that important. No matter how many rehearsals we can have they can not prepare us for the environment that we are going to play in. What we have learned is that we develop a relationship with our audience of the day, play to their musical palette (what they expect from us) then when we have got them there we start taking them to unexpected places that even we didn’t know exist. We play for that specific moment with no attempt of recording and recalling what we have just played.

7. Mieliepop is massive boutique festival, what can we expect from your set at the show?

Audiences can expect boutique freshness, authenticity and a good time.

8. If you could only take three things to the festival what would they be and why? (Instruments not included)

A tent, a warm jacket and a pair of boots. These are the staple requirement for guaranteed convenience at any festival under the South African sky. If we had to add a fourth it will always be bringing along a good attitude.

9. What would be your main advice to Mieliepop festival goers?

Support each and every band that will be playing at the festival.

10. Finally, what is BCUC’s power animal?

A lion pride

We chatted to BCUC ahead of Mieliepop Festival about music, philosophy and being a part of it all.


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