Hot-desks in Jozi

Hot-desks in Jozi

by JHBLive                              Posted: 2017/08/21

5 Joburg co-working spaces that are perfect for freelancers

Being busy is a way of life in the city. Whether it’s rushing to the office every day, waking up at the crack of dawn to sustain a freelance career, or working late into the night to bring a passion project to life, almost everyone in Joburg is hard at work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on your own terms.

As traditional workspaces continue to adapt and change, it seems the trend of part-time, co-working spaces is on the rise, particularly amongst the younger generation of emergent creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. Co-working spaces may seem odd to some, but depending on how you use them, they can serve as the perfect (and productive) middle ground between a 9-5 and a home-office setup.

Here are a few of our favourite Joburg-based co-working spaces that provide a focussed and efficient working environment, without the rigour of an office job or the isolation that comes with working from home.  

Perch – Rosebank


Perch is a brand-new co-working space situated on Rosebank’s Bath Avenue. Location-wise, Perch is a five-minute walk from the Rosebank Gautrain station and taxi rank, and sits directly opposite the Rosebank Mall, making it one of the best-located co-working spaces in town. Another stand-out feature of Perch is its beautifully designed workspace. A far-cry from the usual open-plan desk and chair environment of many co-working venues, Perch is designed to foster a comfortable, relaxed and highly functional working atmosphere. Looking forward, the venue also hopes to host regular events, workshops and training sessions.

Ideal for: Professional freelancers, small-business owners, and experienced entrepreneurs.
Highlight: Perch is located two streets up from the artsy and eclectic Keyes Art Mile meaning inspiration or an impromptu gallery-hop is just a short walk away.

Community Centre – Craighall Park 


Nested just above the Warm&Glad restaurant, Community Centre is a quiet and laid-back co-working space that offers great food, high-speed internet, printing services, and a low-pressure work environment. The café-style layout of the space means you can clock in whenever you’re ready, set up, and get to work at your own pace with the benefit of working amongst like-minded individuals. For those who enjoy a bit of greenery in the concrete city, Community Centre is also flooded with natural light and dotted with many a hanging and potted plant.

Ideal for: Amateur freelancers, independent artists and creative media practitioners
Highlight: With an in-house tuckshop, food from Warm&Glad, and a short walk from most local restaurants and shops, you’ll be the best-fed freelancer in town.

Gathere – Kramerville  


Situated in Kramerville’s Design District, Gathere combines office space, gallery, and photographic studio to create one creative and multifaceted co-working hub. With coffee and wi-fi on tap and an open-plan industrial design, Gathere caters to ‘digital nomads’ young and old. It doesn’t hurt that they’re a stone’s throw from the Sandton CBD either.

Ideal for: Designers, photographers, and commercial/agency start-ups that work in multimedia.
Highlight: With a gallery that exhibits new local art and products, finding inspiration for your own work should be a breeze.

Better – Saxonwold


If you’re big on socialising and brainstorming your way through a creative block then Better is the place for you. The venue is an old Saxonwold home that’s been turned into an open-plan, two-storey co-working space with an emphasis on individual work through a collaborative workspace. Better’s doors are open to freelancers, hobbyists, stay at home parents, academics, and more, and have various payment plans. They also host regular events geared towards freelance and part time creatives looking to upskill or simply learn and engage.

Ideal for: Writers and creative freelancers
Highlight: Situated in the quiet, leafy suburbs of Saxonwold, it’s a co-working space that offers all the comforts of home, but without the distractions.   

OPEN – Maboneng and Sandton


If you’re drawn to an artsy and energetic lifestyle, then you’ll love OPEN’s Maboneng venue. And if you thrive off the cosmopolitan hustle of the city, you’ll love their brand-new branch which recently opened in Sandton. True to their name, both spaces consist of expansive, open-plan setups which invite all freelancers, writers, designers, entrepreneurs, students and more to come and work. OPEN’s venues sport phenomenal views of the city as well as an indoor putt-putt course in their Maboneng space for those who like to keep their lunchbreaks active. Like many of the other co-working spaces, OPEN keeps its walls fresh and inspiring with new local artworks, most of which are up for sale.

Ideal for: Independent freelancers and small teams
Highlight: If you enjoy co-working spaces, but you aren’t the most sociable worker, you can book out your own, private desk and workspace. 

5 Joburg co-working spaces that are perfect for freelancers



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