Gambling Addictions Now Available Online

Gambling Addictions Now Available Online

by Alison McCrae                              Posted: 2011/04/03

Alison rants about the potential dangers of online gambling.

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It has been said that making casinos available online is the equivalent of legalizing heroine. A gambling addiction is a crippling disease that tears families apart at the seams and destroys people every day. The question is what affect is the online casino world having on a problem that is already running rampant?



If you have visited a land-based casino before there is a glaring truth that seeps out behind all the lights, colors and general man-made "joy" that is evident everywhere. That truth is that there is a severe loneliness and desperation that really exists in the hearts of the regulars that have become part of the vulgar furniture in these places.

Contrary to popular belief, compulsive gamblers cannot simply just stop. The need to gamble is basically as physically addictive as a cigarette to a smoker or a drink to an alcoholic. It doesn't matter how many times they hit rock bottom, or lose their house or savings, they always think that "next time' will be different. Next time they'll win.





Another indication that gambling comes before everything for a compulsive gambler are the children you see hanging around casinos waiting for their parent to give up on winning the jackpot in a smoke filled room and take them home to have dinner. Sometimes these innocent souls wait until 2am in their school clothes praying that their excuse for a parent will run out of money so they can go home. This disease is so powerful that it comes before everything, including your children. The precious gifts that you promised to protect.

Yes online casinos probably solve the problem of children hanging around casinos until 2am because mom or dad can now gamble from home, but are online casinos not just adding more fuel to the fire? Gambling has become so easily accessible with the launch of the online casino. It's like being able to buy crack from your pizza delivery man.





Online casinos also lure people in with a vast array of "incentives" that at the end of the day actually add up to nothing, but sound so good. Add these to the convenient accessibility of the online casino and the world is bound to not only see gambling addicts reaching new lows, but we are bound to see more and more gambling addictions every day.

So, add more protection and securities you say - make theses websites do financial and background checks to identify someone with a problem. This can and is being done - but the brutal truth is that like most big multi-billion industries and corporations, it's all about the money.  As long as their casinos are raking in the cash - which my god they do - they couldn't care less who is gambling and what it does to their lives as a whole.

What I'd like to know is what happened to gaining joy from the simple things life has to offer, like listening to your favorite band as loud as possible, or swimming naked. Just please keep this in mind and beware of bright lights and so called glamour - most of the time the truth behind it all is not as appealing as you may think.



Alison rants about the potential dangers of online gambling.



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