A Hooters Girl Reveals It All

A Hooters Girl Reveals It All

by Kelly Kidson                              Posted: 2010/08/01

What's perky, pretty, oozing with personality and can make R6500 a night whilst carrying litre beer mugs? The only possible answer to this is a Hooters girl.

What's perky, pretty, oozing with personality and can make up to R6500 a night whilst carrying litre beer mugs and smiling sexily? The only possible answer to this is "A Hooters Girl"

I made it my personal mission to find out what it's like to actually be a Hooters Girl so two of us from the JHBlive team went off to have lunch at the new Hooters in Fourways and chatted to Natasha- a real life Hooters girl.

This 22 year old Benoni girl is a proper hottie dressed in the Hooters original eye-catching outfit- the 1970's style lumo orange shorts paired with an ultra tight cleavage enhancing Hooters top. She is bubbly and sweet too, so basically she is every man's dream and most girlfriends' nemesis. She was also only too happy to share the details of what being a genuine Hooters Girl entails:

How would you define a Hooters Girl?
Hooters girls are flattery operated (giggle). We love to interact with the patrons and chat. We are really friendly. There is sometimes competition and jealousy between the girls but there is a lot of friendship too. The hooters girl is the "girl-next-door" and we are not tacky.



Have you waitressed anywhere else before and how does Hooters differ?
I did a lot of bar work in the UK. I was there for three years and when I got back I started working here. People think that Hooters is a gentleman's bar because of its name and what it  suggests. But this place is not like that at all. It's a fun place to work. There  is always something entertaining happening like bachelors parties dressed up in costumes. We girls do birthday dances if someone is celebrating a birthday. Its fun.

Would you recommend becoming a Hooters Girl to others out there?
Working here gives us a great opportunity to network with all sorts of people. I might meet a customer who is a lawyer and he offers me a bursary for example. It's a good thing to be able to meet so many different people. We make good money here too.





Are you studying or have you got any other plans for the future?
I am studying photography and web design and I want to travel a lot more.

Hooters Girls obviously get 'hit on' a lot, how do you handle this?
The men customers do stare at us a lot, but we don't mind that. Sometimes they get a bit too flirty or inappropriate but then we just get our manger on duty to go over and say hello and show them that we are being watched over. Sometimes I just get one of the other girls to come to the table with me the next time and we chat to the customers together which seems to settle things down. Customers don't really grab at us though. A lot of hugs and kisses on the cheeks happen. That's no problem. We like to make the customer feel comfortable.  If I show them respect from the beginning then they also respect me.





Is there security for you girls here?
Yes, there is always a bouncer on duty in case there is any trouble. We feel safe and protected.

How do the female customers react to you?
Well there are a lot of women that come here. Its about 60% male and 40% female. Some of them come because they know there will be a lot of guys here. Most of them are nice to us and we are the same to them. Sometimes girls at a table with guys will get tipsy and start acting bitchy towards us. They will be rude. Sometimes couples come to Hooters and the girl will start a fight with the waitress because she is threatened.





What are some of the usual comments or wise cracks you hear from patrons?
The bitchy women will ask some waitresses "Shouldn't you have hooters to work at Hooters?" But you learn to be unaffected by those. One of the most common ones from guys happen when we are carrying the Big Daddy jugs of beer and he'll say "Nice Jugs." But the one that makes the men think they are really clever for coming up with is when we ask a man what he'd like to order and he points at the picture of the Hooters girl on the menu and says "How about her without the dressing."





Hooters is located at the Buzz Centre in Fourways. The food is spectacular (try the brownies too) and beer is served by the litre and will set you back just R30. It's fun and frivolous and truly one of Joburg's most laid back venues.

Phone Dimitri for table bookings or for more details: 0823331248



What's perky, pretty, oozing with personality and can make R6500 a night whilst carrying litre beer mugs? The only possible answer to this is a Hooters girl.



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