A guide to Joburg's many markets

A guide to Joburg's many markets

by JHBLive                              Posted: 2018/03/22

From artisanal breads and craft beers, to car boot sales and vintage clothing

Joburgers love a good market. Especially if it involves good food and drink while you’re browsing for that piece of homeware or clothing you didn’t know you needed.

The city has an abundance of both weekend and weekday markets on offer. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

The Pantry Market at Keyes

A new artisanal market, The Pantry Market is a Saturday morning market that takes place once a month at the Keyes Art Mile. “Our objective is to make fresh, locally sourced products available to Joburgers on a regular basis,” says curator of the market, Roberta Thatcher. “Now, more than ever, it’s imperative we know where our food is from, and a neighbourhood market is the perfect way to shorten the supply chain, while getting to know the producers of the delicious goods you take home.” Expect fresh fruits and veggies, breads, sweet treats, flowers, drinks, and more!

Check out the Keyes Art Mile site for more details.

Kwa Mai Mai Market

Considered one of Joburg’s oldest markets, Kwa Mai Mai market is located in the CBD near Jeppestown, and is a traditional South African medicine market. They’ve also got various food and goods stalls, and a great, energetic vibe. Head through if you’re looking for a remedy or you’re in need of some good eating.

Details this way.

Melville Night Market

Situated on the top floor of Melville’s 27 Boxes, built entirely from shipping containers, this Wednesday night market offers you a vibrant space to enjoy the beauty of architectural innovation, gourmet food and a craft market. Pull through for a midweek bite, drink, or a bit of last-minute shopping.

Details this way.  

Rosebank Sunday Market

The Rosebank Sunday Market’s been around for a while now and is well-known for its gourmet food, drinks, live music, and wide range of stalls selling curious, arts, crafts, books, plants, and everything else. What many don’t know is that on the last Sunday of every month, the Sunday Market also features informal stalls and carboot sales which is where you’ll find trinkets, vintage clothing, homeware items and more, at a decent price.

Details over here.

Market on Main Night Market

Situated in the centre of the bustling Maboneng area, the Market on Main Night Market offers worldly bites, craft beers and cocktails, and a host of fashion and design stalls. They also feature live music, most often in the form of DJs, to keep you shopping and partying all night long.

More details this way.

Bryanston Organic and Natural Market

This one’s been in existence for ages. Offering organic goods and produce in abundance, the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market is a Joburg favourite. Expect arts and crafts, kid-friendly stalls and activities, good food and drink, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Find out more over here.

Neighbourgoods Market

If you’re in the mood for a market that can easily double-up as a party, the Neighbourgoods Market is the place to be. Taking place every Saturday from early morning until late afternoon, the market offers a wide range of foods, drinks, sweet treats, clothing, plants, and much more. Situated in the heart of Braamfontein, the market is also a good springboard for the many pubs and clubs in the area. Because of the market’s increased popularity over the years, don’t be surprised if you see a whole lot of brand activations taking place there either (they usually give you free stuff if you listen to their sales pitch).

More details over here.

Panorama Flea Market

Tired of Joburg’s overtly trendy markets? The Panorama Flea Market is the perfect solution. Located in Jozi South, the flea market has over 400 stalls containing everything from clothing and jewellery, to food, drinks, and crafts. They also feature regular live music acts. Pull through with some cash on hand and don’t forget to flex your bargaining skills.   

More details on their site.

From artisanal breads and craft beers, to car boot sales and vintage clothing


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