Video Spot Is Jozi's Ultimate Video Spot

Video Spot Is Jozi's Ultimate Video Spot

The movie shop with the most has to be the original Video Spot in Craighall. Get comfortable and enjoy the show

In 1981 two brothers, Rodger and Michael Hugo, started a humble video store in the then sleepy suburbs of Craighall. It was a small store with a difference and it was the very first Video Spot.



Over the years the store went from strength to strength and eventually disseminated into a successful franchise that spread across the province. But the flagship still remains. And what a beauty she is. With a truly staggering 23 000 titles branching off into the genres of cult, classic, anime, science fiction, art house, and all the latest releases, chances are, if you're looking for a movie, they've got it. But the selection doesn't stop there. There is also a comprehensive library of series, stand-up comedy, foreign films, and games for the big 3 console platforms.





This movie fanatics' wet dream is now run by Rodgers' son, Stephen, and still retains its special energy. The staff clearly know their stuff and will fire off recommendations with knowledge and enthusiasm. Many of them are film students and some of the managerial staff have been with the shop for 12 years. Looking at the vast tomes of cinematic excellence, it's easy to see why.

The staff and patronage share a common love of movies, and this niche passion has driven the store to a high excellence and kept it going for just over 30 years.





Video spot
The Colony, 345 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg
Tel: 011 447 1401  







by Billy Rivers
This is literally JHB's one-stop movie shop. Video Spot in Craighall Park is the place to go when looking for the latest blockbuster.