The Cheese Place Has The Best Olives In Joburg

The Cheese Place Has The Best Olives In Joburg

The Cheese Place is the real deal as far as Greek delis go. And JHBlive dares you to try and find better olives anywhere else in Jozi.

The Cheese Place really and truly does not look like much from the outside, placed in between a pet store and a some kind of custom jewelry shop on a busy main road. I've driven past it countless times without having the urge to go inside. In my quest to find unusual Joburg places I did, though, and I'm glad I did - it's the real deal as far as Greek delis go.



The shop's owner, Stella shuffled in from the back, where she had been baking baklava and kourapiedes (she is famous for both, she says), to give me a guided tour of the shop. I told her I was writing about the shop on the Internet. "I'm not very good at the Internet but I will try and find it", she said.





The Cheese Place sells unusual Greek deli food such as dolmades and okra, whatever that is, as well as Turkish delights, Turkish coffee making tools, some Italian deli staples and more.





And then of course there's the cheese. There are great prices for feta and haloumi, as well as not-so-Greek varieties like smoked mozzarella, cheddar and gouda.





But the real reason to venture inside in my opinion, other than to chat to Stella, are the olives, including real, traditional calamata olives and huge, salty, green Nafplion olives. They're the best I've tasted at any Joburg deli. I challenge anyone to find better. If you do, we'll write about it.

The Cheese Place
14, 1st Avenue, Victory Park, Johannesburg
Tel: 022 782 0382



by Daniel Friedman
Believe it or not The Cheese Place has the best olives in all of Joburg.