Sports Savers

Sports Savers

Buy end of season sporting goods and avoid an empty bank account!

One of the many realisations I've come to, in my time as an au pair, is that children are expensive. And they're not just "I bought a new handbag and shoes and a jacket to match" expensive, but "my credit card was cloned and my accounts emptied of all my savings AND all of my future earnings, and then a mugger took my new shoes and bag on the way home" expensive.

They say each kid will cost you over R8 million to raise. In short, kids are fucked-off expensive.



As a young, care-free and naïve au pair, I never thought that a sweet little sport like cricket could be costly. All it consists of is smacking around a ball with a big stick, right? In the sunshine. While the birds sing. Little did I know.





A cricket ball alone can cost hundreds of rands; a bat thousands. And they need mountains of protective padding! Don't even get me started on soccer boots, let alone hockey sticks.





Why am I reminding you of these painful facts, you ask? Because we have found a solution.

In the sleepy little suburb of Fontainebleau there is a money-saving sports shop, aptly named Sport Savers.  The deal is that they buy end of season sporting goods and sell them to you for ridiculously good prices: you can often get up to 30% off retail cost.





Their stock varies depending on what's in season, and all of their equipment is brand new (albeit with last season's branding).

Do yourself a favour, and buy your little munchkin (or your hubby), all their sporting necessities at Sports Savers.





Shop 16 Fontainebleau Village, Corner Rabie Street and Republic Road, Johannesburg
011 026 2011







by Jess Roussos
Don't blow your budget on sports gear when you can cut the retail cost at Sports Savers.