Past Experiences, Bargains And Buses

Past Experiences, Bargains And Buses

"And how much is this one?"

"That one is twenty-five Rands" I hear the jovial shop assistant answer.

"How much?" I reply in a voice that seems not to belong to me. It's high pitched at a level of utter disbelief.

"Twenty-five Rands" she repeats

Jackpot! And in that moment it was sold.

A dress for twenty-five bucks.  I'm not talking about just any little frock either. This is a dress I intend to wear to weddings, hoity toity dos and trendy dinners sometime in the future. Its beautiful and blue and a boob tube with lacy detail and tulle (netting) protruding from underneath it. Score!

I was shopping in Johannesburg's CBD. My own city centre which I had never before explored as a (wo)man on the street. It was a Saturday morning and a group of friends and I had decided to join a Shopping tour of the city. We rubbed shoulders with mamma's trying on clothes, trendy youngsters who overreached our grasp of fashion sense and we complimented Indian store owners on their lovely cheap wares.



Past Experiences tours offers these tours and joining one is a brilliant way to discover the sites of bargain that await you in the CBD. Our guide, Jo, led us from Diagonal Street to Small Street and others as we surrendered into a shopping frenzy. We popped in at a muti shop just out of curiosity too. We took the Rea Vaya a few times and came home with armfuls of shopping bags filled with jeans and handbags, jackets and tops, as well as the feeling that we had experienced a day in our real city. All this without making a dent in the old bank balance. So I say boycott suburban malls and hit the city streets with a guide.






When I eventually get my chance to make my debut in my lovely blue number and people ask, "Where did you get that dress from" I'll answer in a tone of bargain finding pride, "In town. And it was only twenty-five Rand. Hah! "
011 678 3905
Tour cost R70 per person

by Kelly Kidson
A dress for 25 bucks. And I'm not talking about just any little frock either. I’m talking about the deals I found shopping in Joburg CBD with Past Experiences.


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