Millions Of Books At Collector's Treasury

Millions Of Books At Collector's Treasury
The biggest and the baddest second hand book store in Africa and the southern hemisphere.  The Klaas brothers manage to squeeze 2 million books and around 350 000 LP's in their modest eight story building. 
They do most of their business online on websites like Abebooks. Some of their current listings include A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess 1st Edition for R115 000 and The Collector - John Fowles 1st Edition for R95 000. 
Take the lift up to the top floor and you might find the skeletal remains of some Dutch collector hunched over a box of LP's looking for rare South African psychedelia and instead finding the entire Johnny Mathis and Barbara Streisand catalogue. 
My best buy at Collectors Treasury was The PIL metal box set for R90 and my worst buy was a Springbok Hits LP for R25. Don't expect to find any bargains, it will probably be cheaper buying a book from America than from them, but for those of you that love the hunt and the smell of old books you have to go there - it's a trip.
Where? 244 Commissioner Street, CBD, Johannesburg
by Shaun Baskind
Two Million books squeezed into eight stories is what you’ll find at the Collector’s Treasury in JHB’s CBD. We went to sift through the clutter.