Meat On The Menu At Delft Deli

Meat On The Menu At Delft Deli

This Dutch influenced butchery is the best in the meat-loving business

From the outside, Delft is a fairly unassuming shop in Eagles Landing Shopping Centre, but once you walk through the doors, you discover a veritable abundance of delectable goodies.



If you're tired of buying listless meat from your local supermarket, Delft is perfect for you. They stock a wide range of pre-packed and cut to order meats, all of exceptionally high quality and reasonably priced too. Just what you need if you're a typical South African braai fanatic.





The staff are really friendly, and keen to offer advice on the best cut of meat to buy and how to prepare your purchase. But there's more to Delft than just meat. They're pretty much a one stop shop if you're looking to whip up a fantastic meal, stocking imported items that will make sure you can cook something delicious, be it Italian, Thai, Indian or Mexican inspired.





Given the name, it's unsurprising that they also have a number of Dutch specialities on hand - the family that owns the shop moved to South Africa from Holland in the 1950's.  And if you can't find what you're looking for, the people at Delft will do their best to order stock for you, wherever possible. They also have pretty much every cheese imaginable on display and for the taking, not to mention a wide range of cold meats and ready cooked meals that you can heat up at home on those nights when the idea of cooking is just too much. If you are up to a spot of cooking though, give their beef trinchado a try - it's so good, it may just change your world.





Delft Butchery and Deli
Eagles Landing Shopping Centre on the corner of Scott and Christiaan de Wet Road, Randparkridge, Johannesburg







by Belinda Glenn
Delft Deli and Butchery stocks delectable cuts of meat and all the extras too