Fullkream Boutique Lets You Drink And Shop

Fullkream Boutique Lets You Drink And Shop
I advise that upon entering, you inhale that oh-so-heavenly aroma exuding from the depths of the boutique - you could be forgiven for assuming someone had been indulging in cigars. Such assumptions could also be blamed on the 18th century antique look-alikes, artistically poised, the contemporary art pieces on the walls and a table filled with exquisite alcohol selections that would tempt most out of rehab (Fullkream serve their clients a fine selection of drinks - getting tipsy while shopping never sounded this good). Then comes the masterpiece - an array of different designers' interpretations of 'Art in fashion' - rails and mannequins supporting a number of these fine garments.
Yup, it's Jozi. Not Paris. Not Milan.
The proud co-owners (Kyle Zietsman and Palesa Masiteng) are exceptionally welcoming individuals whom I would personally love to have as neighbours. The kind of neighbours you would run to in search of sugar, but might return from in look-like-a-hulk-of-supreme-elegance garments.
I have the utmost respect for Kyle and Palesa's accomplishments thus far. What they have managed to create with Fullkream is more than a fashion brand or a room filled with breathtaking clothing. It is an encapsulation of class, elegance, lifestyle (and a plethora of fashion) fused into something we can all relate to.
1 Corlett Drive
Illovo Junction(Cnr Oxford road), Unit 8, Johannesburg
by Gibson Dlamini
You know you're in for a treat when a handsomely-dressed mannequin in a square box greets you at the entrance of Fullkream boutique.