Fresh Earth Food Store

Fresh Earth Food Store

This cute little store ticks all the health boxes, yet still stays tasty

The Fresh Earth Food Store in Emmarentia is a haven for those who are looking to live a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle.



The store stocks pretty much every organic goody your heart could possibly desire, from deodorant to pasta, and everything in between. There are special products for those following dairy or gluten free diets as well, and the fridges are packed with vegan cheese (non-dairy cheese for those in the dark), which is always tricky to come by, and healthy pre-prepared meals.








There is also an array of CDs, candles and massage oils on sale to soothe your soul, and for those who need a shot of caffeine to keep their souls happy, there is an extensive collection of organic, fair trade coffee on offer. They also happen to stock various brands of raw chocolate, including the delectable Honest Chocolate - this is the kind of chocolate they're talking about when they praise its health benefits, not your average Beacon slab I'm afraid.







There is also a small cafe in the store, which serves only vegetarian or vegan food. On Saturday's there's a gorgeous looking buffet table, or you can order off the menu which features a range of breakfasts, light meals and more substantial fare. They also have an amazing range of smoothies and coffees to suit every dietary requirement. This is ethical shopping at its best.




Where? 103 Komatie Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg, (where you can shop online)







by Belinda Glenn
Your organic lifestyle just got delicious at Fresh Earth Food Store