Bounty Hunters Goes Beyond Second Hand

Bounty Hunters Goes Beyond Second Hand
Whenever I go into Melville, I always prepare to do battle with the platoon of tuktuks prowling 4th Avenue. If my trip includes a pop-in to Bounty Hunters, however, the battle is undeniably worthwhile. 
Home at any given time to a clowder of cats (yes that is the Oxford approved collective noun), Bounty Hunters benefits 35 charities in a way I can only think to describe as genius. The charities drop off any odds and ends that they are given, the items are priced and marked with the charity's code and then, when the item is sold, the till also notes the code - et voilà, at the end of the month it is perfectly evident how much is to be given back to each charity. 
Described by Gail, the owner/manager-extraordinaire, as a self-sustaining project, the shop also provides a livelihood for some 500 families who buy from it and then resell at marked up prices.  
Bounty Hunters, apart from clothing a large portion of central Joburg (one can't quite imagine one of its bargains appearing in Hyde Park), provides props for film students, Isidingo and Generations, and, despite the undeniable cat-esque smell which plagues the store, employees genuinely enjoy working there. 
As with any self-respecting 20 year old, I am loath to part with my money for anything other than tequila. Bounty Hunters, however, makes the exercise an absolute joy, knowing that you're contributing to something wonderful as well as satisfying your hipster needs; finding the perfect outfit for that Gatsby party you will be invited to in a few weeks' time and discovering odds and ends to furnish your new room and piss your mother off. 
Gail (who was floating about with a priced hair clip in place the last time I visited) was absolutely insistent that I let you know that the cats are for sale as pets, not rat catchers. Remarkably, for rat problems she has traps for hire, which work fantastically when used in conjunction with a peanut butter sandwich. 
Bounty Hunters - 9/10. 
Find Bounty Hunters at: Corner Fourth Avenue and Main Road, Melville, Johannesburg
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00 'til 16:00.
011 482 6094
by Thea de Gruchy
Thea de Gruchy pops into Bounty Hunters, Melville's cat-riddled, self-sustaining second-hand shop and leaves pretty impressed.