5 Online Clothing Stores In Joburg

5 Online Clothing Stores In Joburg
It's 2014 so where are the floating skateboards, robot servants or Martian astronauts? Eish. Still stuck in the sci-fi books. The generation that grew up watching '80s/'90s sci-fi movies probably sigh in collective disappointment every time they realise this, but at least we have the power of the internet and Joburg already has mad online clothing stores selling street wear.
JHBLive prowled Gauteng's virtual streets and compiled a list of 5 Online Clothing Stores in Joburg you should check out. 
TV personality Siya Ngwekazi aka Scoop started Pieces in 2011. Today, nearly half the inventory on his online store Pieces SA is sold out. Regulars at Kitchener's or Neighbourgoods might have noticed some hip hoppers wearing bandana shirts, leopard print snapbacks or baggy pants with Ndebele patterns; those are probably Scoop's online shoppers.  "...It's for the urban kids who want to look as stylish and fresh as the people they see in the blogs," says the entrepreneur.
Pretoria fashion designer Thatiso "Vuittots" Dube's unisex street wear brand underwent more name changes than his city's streets before he settled with Galaxboy pronounced (Gal-ex-boy or Galaxy boy). Those who grew up in the '80s and early '90s playing 8-bit video games will remember Galaxy Boy as the crude space hero game. Galaxboy's pixelated, cartoonish designs draw their influence from this retro-arcade background. Increasingly more rappers are wearing Galaxboy on music videos and the bright, tight fitting lycra pants are perfect for bad b*tches who like twerking. Vuittots describes Galaxboy as "what girls do because of boys and what boys do because of girls." 
"Own less, be more." Simplicity in design is what Zak Venter, founder of men's outdoor vintage label; Sergeant Pepper, strongly accentuates on his online store The slim fit chinos and 12 Oz Denim Jeans are based on the Stovepipe fit which was popular with urban youth in the 1950s rock scene, while the Samson Oxford Shirt features the 1920s Dickens collar. "It's hard wearing, hand crafted clothing that will stand the test of time," exclaims Zak. 
Love Jozi is a clothing and design company promoting graphics synonymous with Jozi. On you'll find t-shirts, key rings and even bottled "Joburg Tap" water printed with iconic Jozi images such its famous skyline, Hillbrow Tower and Nelson Mandela Bridge. And ofcourse they sell 'I Love Jozi' t-shirts... Someone had to do it online.   
Glow sells multi-coloured gas masks, goggles and spirally, crinoline pony tails that appeal mainly to the EDM, Goth, Trans or Industrial niches. "DJ Cemetery Slut who DJs at Zeplins & runs Gauteng's Goth scene wears my gas masks," boasts founder Richard Wheeler. The imported goggles and functional gas masks are decorated with symbols like the Bio-hazardous sign or Grey alien heads. Get the full body look right like Richard, and some people might mistake you as a real time traveller from an apocalyptic, Mad Max type future.
So there you have it. Get your credit cards ready... 
by Mooketsi Nthite
We might not have flying cars but we've got the internet and with that, online shopping. Check out our top 5 Online Clothing Stores In Joburg.