Mr Big Stuff Serves American Burgers And Waffles

Mr Big Stuff Serves American Burgers And Waffles
Mr Big Stuff in Braamfontein is a new hangout spot that has a distinct American twang about its tastes. From deep fried chicken wings on waffles to macaroni and cheese hamburgers - Mr Big Stuff offers big surprises with big tastes. 

One of the greatest things about this place at first glance is its location. Mr Big Stuff is tightly nestled into the heart of Braamfontein where passing students, tourists and business people can get first dibs on the menu. The second best thing is its atmosphere. It's not just for the million smiles posted on the wall that makes this place light, open and welcoming but it's also the staff and "place your orders here" style of the restaurant which demands that you step up and engage with the people around you. 

Borrowing from the popularity and style of the American Diner, Mr Big Stuff intends to offer its customers all of the above. Don't dare come here if you're carb conscious or in anyway a finicky eater - the menu is fully figured out. For example, in addition to your meal you can order a side of deep fried macaroni squares, disco fries, waffles or deep fried chicken and burgers bursting with juicy fillings. Just a warning to the fried fundi's - the chips were a little limp and blonde, but hey - perhaps it was an off day.


This is the perfect post-party spot with the best hangover meals in Jozi. But it's also good for a gentle meet up with friends where you can snuggle up in a booth and post post-bulge selfies. From the creators of the Goodluck club, check out Mr Big Stuff next time you're in Braamfontein and remind yourself of when last you ate a good waffle. 

Where? 87 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Contact? 011 339 1412

Visit their website here
by Tamlyn Wilson
It's not just about the burgers at Mr Big Stuff due to their wacky side orders.