Fresh Deliveries From Munching Mongoose

Fresh Deliveries From Munching Mongoose
Is it just me or do the most mundane tasks feel like the biggest effort sometimes? Take getting petrol, for example. It's easy, it's quick, it's essential but it's something I put off until my car tells me it's got about 5kms worth of fuel left before I have to call for help. The same goes for grocery shopping. I'm often guilty of having to run to the nearest Engen late at night after adding sour milk to my tea and freaking out at the prospect of black coffee in the morning. 

Enter Munching Mongoose. This local company delivers fresh, organic food to your door on a weekly basis. Amazing, right? I know a lot of people are anti-online food shopping because they want to pick and choose the best fruit and veggies for themselves and grab the milk with the latest sell by date or whatever but you don't have to worry with these guys - I couldn't have picked better myself. All their produce is fresh. Take their eggs, for example: they come from free range, pasture fed chickens. And their milk, which is delivered in a cute glass bottle, comes from free-range, grass-fed cows. I'm totally into that - no added hormones, no antibiotics, none of the crap that gets snuck into conventional supermarket food - sold. 

Each delivery comes with a novelty product or two, which is another thing that sets these guys apart from other online food delivery services. My surprise turned out to be "tjoklits" - handmade truffles that I had to force myself to stay away from because I was close to eating them all in one go. 

So how does the service actually work? You get to pick from these options:

Mini Box/Bag: 5-6 veg, 1L milk, 6 eggs, 1 cheese, 1 loaf of bread and 1 novelty product: R399/ week

Midi Box: 5-6 veg, 2L milk, 12 eggs, 2 cheeses, 1 loaf of bread and 1 novelty product: R479/week

Maxi Box: 8-9 veg, 3L milk, 18 eggs, 2 cheese, 2 loves of bread and 2 novelty products: R649/week

Banting Box: 5-6 veg, 2L Milk, 12 Eggs, 2 cheeses, 1-2 novelty products: R569/week

No Veg Box:  2L milk, 12 eggs, 2 cheeses, 1 loaf of bread and 1 novelty product: R409 

Munching Mongoose is definitely worth your while, even if you're not as lazy as me and don't mind trekking to the shops. The difference in quality is undeniable. 

Photographs by Affricanalien


by Nicole Samakosky
Munching Mongoose delivers fresh, organic food and produce straight to your doorstep.