Cupcakes And Love

Cupcakes And Love
I think the Beatles had the right idea when they sang "all you need is love". But, after my sweet experience I will attest to the fact that they'd never had a cupcake from Cupcakes and Love because if they had I'm pretty darn sure they would have said "all you need is a cupcakes and some love". 

Cupcakes and Love is a simple dreamy looking stand at the Rosebank Mall. The small man-made heaven is home to an assortment of edible dreams and the hands that are in the business of creating delectable and picturesque treats time and again. 

Tucked away safely behind the glass case you will find what resembles a kaleidoscope of cupcakes - it really is quite a sight. The treats are aesthetically pleasing, perfectly sized and oh so soft. Once there you'll get the sensation of being a kid in wonderland with a mouth-watering selection of Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, rainbow, chocolate, choc chip, vanilla or red velvet cupcake as well as macaroons, classic cupcakes, milkshakes, ice cappuccinos, shortbread biscuits, big old school lollipops and lots more. 

I am a long-time devotee of Ferrero Rochers and I honestly don't have too many plans for my life regarding marriage and such but one thing I know for certain is that I want a Ferrero Rocher wedding cake. And, to my delight, after a troublesome trip to Cupcakes and Love I got myself a Ferrero Rocher cupcake. From the first bite into my cupcake miracle it felt like I knew perfection. The entire cupcake had a heavenly softness. I'm not an icing sugar fan so I loved that it wasn't too sweet and combined with the sponge - I'd say that it was altogether flawless. And, for just R22, which is probably the most you'll pay for a cupcake, I felt like a very necessary spoonful of happiness had been fed to my heart.

Sadly the stand doesn't provide you with anywhere to enjoy your purchase. So, you'll have to find another place to indulge in your bite of heaven and I guess that's part of what makes it special. Who doesn't enjoy their autonomy?

Whether you want to blow your guests away at a function with the best treats in town, give someone special something sweet or give yourself the love you rightfully deserve; Cupcakes and love is the perfect place for you. 

Where? The Zone @ Rosebank, Johannesburg
by Mamello Sejake
If you have a sweet tooth for cupcakes then look no further than this pop-up in Rosebank.