Back Into The Ice Age

Back Into The Ice Age
Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old but it's not so easy to imagine. Unfortunately, most of us exist in this new dimension, the age of information where the facts of the past are just remnants of what once was. Over millions of years we have evolved into a species that now challenges the boundaries of space and time, attempting to break free from the physical constraints of life and transcend. The search for illumination is on but have we become obsessed with the impossible? 
Although I'm aware of the unknown I used to want to be a palaeontologist when I was a kid. It fascinates me how scientists can accurately work out what existed before us. It also makes me feel even more insignificant. We are part of universes and galaxies and we're insignificant. The past also proves to us that we could be frozen like cro magnon man and just be another statistical reference as a new civilisation takes over ownership of the Earth.   
The Ice Age exhibition at Sandton Convention Centre is a spectacle that everyone should see and take part in. It's an interactive experience that reveals to us unknowing plebs the animals and early humans that came before the world we know today. The animals growl and screech and move and blink as you move past them with an information board detailing the facts that scientists have discovered about these creatures. The facts range from detailing how large the animal was in comparison to the size of an average human today to where their fossils were found and even suggesting how they may have come to meet their fate of extinction. Weaving in and out of hordes of school children wasn't so bad because it was great to see kids so enamoured and awestruck with Earth's past. The experience wasn't only entertaining but educational as well, even for older people who think they know it all. 
The creatures and early humans of the Ice Age exhibition aren't dinosaurs, if that's what you were thinking. These are animals that range from being millions of years old like the Megalodon shark and Deinotherium to some that are still around, surprisingly, like the anteater and panda. Many of the animals also look very familiar to their relatives today with only slight differences such as the woolly rhino and sabre-tooth cats. There are dodos and mammoths, great lizards and giant sloths and it really appears that animals have just become slightly smaller and sleeker than their older cousins. All-in-all it's a highly interesting experience that is perfect to take the kids to and to get some knowledge about what our world was once for yourself. 
At the end of the exhibition you can choose to walk through a prehistoric blizzard tunnel, which is novel and fun, especially during winter, and afterwards there are tons of activities for the kids to do with ice slides and carousels, the chance to ride a glyptodon or have your photo with some big, menacing cats. It comes highly recommended and for good reason, so take a step back in time and forget about the present and the future as the secrets of the past are unveiled right before your eyes. Spectacular! 
The Ice Age exhibition ends on the 8th of August. 
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Photos by Tshepiso Nkoe
by Daniel McCaughtry
An interactive experience of the world of the past. The Ice Age is here where you can learn something while having fun.