The Westcliff And Its Steps

The Westcliff And Its Steps

Forget the gym today! Climb the Westcliff Stairs and you'll be rewarded with a breath-taking Jozi view instead of a sweaty bicycle seat.

Yesterday afternoon I felt less than enthusiastic about my gym class, and decided to go for a long walk with a friend instead. Walking is exercise too, right?

I've heard about the Westcliff Stairs many times before and have always wanted to find them.  It's one long and winding staircase that leads right up the ridge and into one of Joburg's most beautiful and affluent suburbs.



We parked our cars at Zoo Lake and set off into Parkview. We headed South onto Westcliff Drive, and then onto Crescent Drive. Half way down Crescent Drive we found an entrance to the elusive stairs.





An archway with a black metal gate beckoned us in, looking like an entrance into a fairy-tale world. A small, steep and crooked stone staircase was beyond. We walked in and started the long climb.





The stairways consist of several flights of stone-steps, each with a flat slide-like concrete walkway on one side (wheel-chair access?). The stairs are popular with dog walkers and joggers; but they are great for amblers like myself too!

The stairs lead from Crescent Drive to Wexford Avenue; and from there to Pallinghurst Drive. From Pallinghurst, the climb takes you up to Woolston Road. There is another set of steps from Woolston Road that leads all the way back down to Westcliff Drive. 





The view of Jozi from the top is amazing, it's surreal and we felt like we had literally just climbed a stairway to heaven - if heaven is an awesome view that is. The whole walk took about an hour and a half, and afterwards we felt both well exercised and refreshed by the air at the top of the ridge. 





The stair's entrance is on Crescent Drive, Westcliff, Johannesburg



by Jess Roussos
Take a trek up The Westcliff's stairway to a breathtaking view of the city.