Forest Creek Lodge

Forest Creek Lodge

A cozy lodge in a fairy forest...heaven!

photographer: james happe

SoI dragged my man to, yet another "work thing"... The 3 hour drive up toDullstroom was a barrage of complaints about the petrol costs and thetime etc etc...Little did I know that  he would end up being blown away(and apologetically grateful to me) by the end of our visit to the hidden forested paradise called Forest Creek Lodge.

I cannot explain how incredible this place is. It is nestled in a valley in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. The lodge is surrounded by magnificant mountains, huge rock faces and a fairy forest. Its the perfect place to go as a couple - totally romantic.

We head to the bar to check in and were handed two glasses of sherry (they had me at this point) and then escorted to our little, luxury stone cabin called The Cinnamon Suite. I lay down on the ridiculously comfortable bed and came to the conclusion that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

The room was exquisite. A huge four-poster bed along with a white rose on each pillow, more sherry, a mini-bar and a gorgeous huge bath next to big windows looking out into the bush. I didn't waste any time and lured my man into a bubble bath with the bottle of champagne.

Dinner in the lodge was lovely. The lodge is really cosy with a log fire and couches to chill on. There is a bar and a wooden deck to relax on and drink a cold beer in the afternoon. The view from the lodge is exquisite!

After a restful nights sleep in our gorgeous bed, we got up early and went for a short hike to the Honeymoon rock pool and then up along the mountain stream.  This forest is breathtaking. It really is a fairy forest, with a carpet of red, yellow, brown and orange leaves covering the ground. The huge trees are covered in vines and moss. And the sound of the stream running nearby is really relaxing.

On our walk we discovered the wooden cottage which is the self-catering accomodation. It is gorgeous and perfect for those of us who don't have huge amounts of disposable income.

We returned to the lodge for a nice breakfast, sat and looked at the view and then headed back to the car and back to the big concrete jungle. Forest Creek Lodge is perfect for a romantic getaway. Or even a weekend away with mates in the self-catering cottage.

by Helen Spiropoulos
Forest Creek Lodge, the perfect place for a romantic getaway.