Yeoville Swimming Pool Is The Only Place To Swim

Yeoville Swimming Pool Is The Only Place To Swim
Where's this frightening Yeoville people keep telling me about?
The sight of the glass and mirror mosaics alongside the bustle of Rockey Street takes me back to the days of kids warming themselves on the hot paving and giggling through schoolyard politics between anxious boys and girls. This was the world of the public swimming pool back in my day.
With more than a small dose of nostalgia, I re-enter the Yeoville Swimming Pool. It's been nearly two decades since I was last there.
I wondered what it would look like after so long. You can imagine my joy to see that nothing's changed. The little bubble of my childhood's remained just as I left it: the sights and sounds are all the same. There seems to be this prevailing attitude that the urban parts of Jozi have fallen apart and descended into degradation. This place is a testament to how wrong that sort of thinking is.
There's a man teaching his nervous girlfriend to swim while balancing a small child on his shoulders. Kids run around in their droves, running along the edge of the pool before leaping in. The daring, older boys are there, braving the deep end alone. Everything is tranquil and idyllic. A welcome break. I remove my shoes and dip my feet into the cool water, feeling a wave of calm.
Bugger Virgin Active... this is where I'll be swimming from now on. 
by Dominique Baxewanos
Dom returned to her childhood in the form of, Yeoville Swimming Pool, is the only place you'll want to swim in Jozi.


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