WAM Is Where Tech Meets Art

WAM Is Where Tech Meets Art
The smoke drifting across the windows is an entirely new experience in Johannesburg - a collaborative work from Digital Fabric, Pixel Project and creative technologist Rigard Kruger, it's a new way to look at technology and how you can interact with it, in an organic way.
Pictures of You is an installation at the newly opened Wits Art Museum in Jorissen Street, Braamfontein. The first thing you'll notice as you wander up to the two frosted windows at WAM is the light smoke drifting across and perhaps you'll wonder what is going on, and you'll go closer and closer until you see an ethereal outline of yourself appear before you in rapidly disintegrating squares, surrounded by your "reflection".
This is all remarkable and fun, but the really impressive bit comes in when the "picture of you" starts interacting with the smoke flowing across the projection. You can literally play with the smoke; you are in the machine and are a part of it. No more in the cold calculated vision of movies of the past, but rather a warm and inviting world of pixels and playfulness.
This sidewalk installation created with Microsoft Kinect sensors will be up for six months and I can't wait to see people pulling mad dance moves on the street.
Senate House Basement, 1, Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
by Brett Rogers
Your reflection comes to life at the Wits Art Museum.


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