The Irish Pub Will Have You Seeing Green

The Irish Pub Will Have You Seeing Green

The bar was full and the beer flowed, live music churned and there was no trouble - just happy Irish style festivities.

Having filled my cavernous-stomach with pie, bread and peanut butter in expectation of inevitable alcohol consumption, I wandered over to the Irish Club in Linden to commemorate the existence of the Irish figurehead. Having prior experience of the event, that is St. Patricks Day at the Irish Club, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Irish Club grounds sparsely occupied and the barmen quietly chatting to patrons.



The club, a small little bar and dining area, used an adjoining tennis court for its main marquee and seating. Tickets were bought and then exchanged for a glass of your regular, a boerewors roll, or a pint of Guinness (which was the main sponsor of the event). Becoming concerned by the lack of festivity at the one place you would expect a party, I asked the kind lady at the ticket booth what the organisers expected this year. "We expect many more people than last year!"





Wow, was I pessimistic. By about 9 o'clock there was little space to stand. Linden became overpopulated with both people and cars, the bar was full and the beer flowed. Live music was played, churning out both familiar favourites and Irish medleys. However, the event was well organised and there was no trouble. A great evening, if I may say so myself. If you missed the party, the Irish Club is a must visit with regular live bands and a bingo evening on Thursdays.





For more details on the club contact Vera on 083 267 6327, or pop in for yourself. It's located on the corner of Salerno and 5th Avenue, Linden, Johannesburg.



by Rhyse Crompton
St. Patrick's Day at The Irish Club in Linden is always epic. This time was no different.