Sundays In The City

Sundays In The City

Jozi's melting pot of creatives celebrate music and dance on a rooftop

Sunday blues. They creep up on you slowly but menacingly as you try your hardest to cling onto the remains of your fading weekend. I've been battling these weekly bouts of depression for longer than I care to remember. That's why I'm happy to report that I recently found the remedy in the form of the weekly Sunday rooftop sessions called Sundays in The City. I dare you to feel down as you party to some of the edgiest underground tunes, while looking out over breath-taking views of your favourite city.



The JHBLive team went to check it out the party this Sunday at Main Street Life. Have a look at what went down.





The Maboneng Precinct, in the heart of the city, has recently undergone a process of intense revival. It has swiftly become a creative hub with trendy markets, restaurants, bars and clubs popping up daily. This is encouraging the open-armed youth back into the city that has for so long been lost to them. Sundays in The City is a perfect way to embrace this changing environment and appreciate the beauty and culture of the inner-city landscape.





The parties are set to happen at different rooftop locations each week, allowing you the opportunity to discover some of the most interesting buildings Jozi has to offer. Expect a melting pot of people, who come together in a celebration of arts, culture, music and dance. And celebrate they do!





This week's Sundays in The City is happening at The Main Change rooftop in Kruger Street, Johannesburg. Check out the event page for more details.







by Tessa Cunliffe
Underground tunes and breath-taking views to cure the almost-Monday blues at Sundays in the City in the Maboneng Precinct.