Sunday Jive

Sunday Jive
Induced by the sounds of Plaat Japie, a sound junkie that has evolved the way we listen to music, the party at The Living Room on Sunday began as I immersed myself in the eco-system of greenery and hint of Spring arriving. Riaan Botha, a residential curator of sounds, organises Sunday Jive from an offspring of happenings he creates.
Yoni Bee splashed music through the air that seduced my hips. He set a scene that no man would walk away from. All this picture of uncertainty and jazz nuances needed was the pin-up Mexican lady serving hors d'oeuvres with a wink that charmed us as much as the music did. 
Starting as part of an intimate crowd, individuals dared to shimmy their way around the roof with a single bounce in their legs or a shake in their shoulders. Daylight makes crowds shy it seems, because as the space filled up later that afternoon, groups sardined together observing the view instead of being consumed by the sounds. I managed to find a few Afro-centric women who bumped shoulders with me for a minute or two, hoping to inspire the sitting down blazers and boots that surrounded us. 
The weather was unstable for a while, which surprisingly pulled in an influx of people just as Reform began to take on their set. If you are not a fan already, get on it. With playful classics and mix-ups of songs we grew up with, are attached to, and allow the media to take advantage of, Marc Latilla and Charles Leonard bond the generations of music and share it for our pleasure. 
I left worshipping Sundays for a reason other than religion. Make sure you pop into the next Sunday Jive as Felix Laband shows off his new set.
20 Kruger Street, Maboneng, Johannesburg 
by Tamara Arden
Listen out for hip seducing sounds of Sunday Jive from The Living Room in Moboneng every Sunday.