Suburban State Took No Prisoners At Con Hill

Suburban State Took No Prisoners At Con Hill
Over the past few years, Sub_urban State has slowly but surely established itself as one of the best parties to take over inner city Joburg. It's all about some fun in the sun that goes on into the night, but not too late, and showcasing a really diverse DJ line-up that's always different from what party-goers are used to. This year, they one-upped themselves by using a venue that was perfectly in tune with their aesthetics and it proved to be a masterstroke.

Constitutional Hill used to be a women's prison but has started being used as a party venue and as soon as you step inside you can see why. With its high walls and stairs leading up to a ledge where you can imagine guards surveying the prisoners around the yard in years gone by you're now offered some fantastic views of Jozi town as the party goes on behind you - turn around and you can pretty much see everything that's going down… It only serves to draw you in that much more and force you onto the dancefloor. Space isn't an issue here and as soon as we were done checking out the sites and having some drinks with sunset as our backdrop, it was time to get up close and personal with Andrew the DJ, who always brings an eclectic array of beats that transition you from sunshine to the naughty night-time shenanigans. Throughout the entire night there was no issue with getting drinks and the bar staff worked their asses off so kudos to them. The introduction of the restaurant indoors also made it that much easier to be there the entire day and go into the night with our stomachs lined and bodies ready for what lay ahead. 

The last Sub_urban State I went to was when PH Fat got people absolutely rocking at Citilec and I was no doubt amped to see both Hyphen and Niskerone brought in to bring their well-known and highly professional drum and bass sounds to Joburg, and with the prospect of them being followed up by the Sound Sensible guys, I already knew what I was in for… Or so I thought. After a few more tequilas and beers and, well, I'm not really sure what else, Andrew the DJ and his shaggy hair ended and Hyphen absolutely blew Constitutional Hill apart. The great thing about having a day party that slowly brings you into the night is that when music like that comes around everyone's up for it and ready to burn some calories and get those legs moving. Admittedly, I was tired out and sought the bar for a little more comfort as everyone around me chatted and looked like they were having as good a time as I was and that was probably precisely why it's the best Sub_urban State I've been to. There was no stress, no anxiety, no people on edge or looking like they weren't enjoying themselves. Everyone seemed happy and keen to party and have fun. 

So with everyone having soaked up the Jozi sun and the fantastic views of the city in the day and night and being loaded with music that'll hopefully inspire a few more people to expand their horizons, we exited one of the most awe-inspiring venues that I've been to in a while. Con Hill may have been a prison but now it's more like a playground fit for the young and reckless and with Sub_urban State throwing parties that they seem to have down to a perfect science. It's one of the events on your calendar you should always look out for. 

Nice one, Dont Party, Kesh-In-Transit and Andrew the DJ. 

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by The Cook
What was once a women's prison is now more like a playground fit for the young and reckless. We took full advantage at Sub_urban State.