Rise And Shine Acoustic Music Festival

Rise And Shine Acoustic Music Festival

Under a vast African sky and candyfloss clouds we took to Sandton Central Park on Saturday morning. Colourful people, barefoot and beaming, pranced around in the sunshine, while I popped into the bar for my first tequila of the day - time to Rise and Shine!

Having missed the early morning yoga session, I arrived just in time to hear the last of Yo Grapes belting out his best-known track, 'Dehydration' - a pretty apt soundtrack considering the temperature was 30 degrees and climbing. Navigating my way to the festival's most beloved commodity, the shade, I plonked myself on a picnic blanket under a tree, taking in the good vibes and beautiful surroundings.



The music of Nakhane Toure and Some Grow Young swept over the park like a welcome breeze, leaving eager listeners dreaming of a shaded dance floor where they could stretch their legs - the midday heat was a lot to contend with. Like a scene out of a '70s movie, to the delight of the crowd one spectacular man made a valiant attempt at flying a kite in the windless sky. I will forever be thankful to that lone space cadet.





The crowd of new age hippies and music lovers varied from young to old, the friendly and well-organised environment making it the perfect event for young families with kids. Delicious-looking, healthy food and coconut cocktails were passed around lavishly as people grooved along to Tidal Waves.





By the time Jeremy Loops took over the stage the sun was low enough (or people were inebriated enough) to draw an impressive crowd of swaying hands and united voices, all merrily 'row, row, rowing their boats' along with The Loop-master himself. The perfect day ended with a bluesy, acoustic rock 'n roll session from Shadowclub that got every hip in the park swaying to the seductive sounds.





Here's hoping the next one is sooner rather than later.

Where? Sandton Central Park, Sandton, Johannesburg

Photos by Julian van Jaarsveld







by Tessa Cunliffe
We went to check out some yoga and live music at Sandton’s eco-friendly music festival, Rise and Shine.