Move To The Music At Moyo, Melrose Arch

Move To The Music At Moyo, Melrose Arch

Discover an underground music scene in Joburg's suburbia.
Three weeks ago I was ever excited to get my hands on tickets to watch Brooklyn's Tortured Soul, who electrified the masses into motion at the International Cape Town Jazz Festival. As we made our way to the venue, Moyo in Melrose Arch, I wondered how and where the concert would possibly take place inside a restaurant. We were ushered down two flights of stairs (which are a killer in heels!) leading to the dungeon. The quaint section of the restaurant, which usually hosts relaxed diners, was transformed into an impromptu night club.



As hundreds of people poured in; the hot, smoky and crammed-to-capacity vibe was reminiscent of the subversive city-centre party scene from way back when. Sweet sounds and sassy socialising was the order of the night as Liquid Deep, Tumelo, DJs Greg Nate, Culoe De Song (amazing!), Razor, 1D, Kenzhero and Rowick Deep set the stage ablaze.





The crowd erupted as the headliners Tortured Soul took to the stage. As fans swarmed towards the stage I found myself wedged in a corner, unable to see anything (which isn't unusual am I'm only 1.5m). My irritation levels began rising until the music started. As the songs streamed through the venue, fans swayed, sang and drifted away in the awesome-ness that is house music. No one pushed or shoved, we all simply savoured each song, crooning the lyrics of Love Everlasting and Home to you at the tops of our voices.





Few party planners or clubs are able to pull off the underground vibe in the heart of J-Town's surburbia like Analogue Nights. The event organisers secure SA's hottest house, R&B and hip-hop acts to perform once a month. I definitely won't be missing the next one!

Cost: R100 for local performers and R250 for international headliners
Venue: Moyo, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg



by Nadia
You can dance in the dungeon at Analogue Nights once a month. We gave Tortured Soul a shot at Moyo, Melrose Arch.