Live At The Alex: Future Music Series Launch Party

Live At The Alex: Future Music Series Launch Party
The Alex Theatre filled with a mixed crowd of very metropolitan-looking party goers on Friday night, consisting of an equal number of journalists and revelers - most of the latter drawn out by BLK JKS. 
Live @ The Alex was the launch party of the Future Music Series, brought to you by Live SA and Connect ZA in association with sSHADOWWORKs. It was the first of a monthly series of party sessions to be hosted in Jozi and Cape Town. The parties aim to create a unique musical experience and bring up-and-coming UK and South African acts together. 
The atmosphere was electric. Thanks must go to BLK JKS for at least some of the vibe. They always pull a pulsating crowd. From up front, near the band, I could feel the floor of the stage bobbing up and down beneath us as the crowd stomped in time to their rhythm. UK based electronic musician 'Actress' was also a novel listening experience. With an interesting sound that blends danceable beats and stimulating synthlines, he's made a fan out of me. 
The Alex Theatre is the one of the only venues in Jozi at which you can throw an underground gig like this. The stage was lit up by an atmospheric light display and massive screens boasted an assortment of visualisations. Also, because it wasn't splashed all over Facebook, the party had the feel of an elite get together. 
The line-up was impressive and it all pulled together well. I'd cancel all my other plans to see what the organisers bring us next. In fact, this is the sort of gig that would convince me to go out in the middle of a blizzard. 
Keep an eye on our events listing for the next one.
by Yelena Calavera
Yelena Calavera explored a night of futuristic beats at the ever-adventurous Alex Theatre for Live At The Alex.