His And Hers Jam

His And Hers Jam

Deep in Soweto, Mzimhlophe, a Jazzy and Soulful revolution, has been brewing for the past two years. Those with a passion for music, art and live performance gather in their numbers to share positive vibrations all round.

When I first got to the venue I saw a lot of cars parked on the sidewalk of a residential street. The music was barely audible, so it was hard to pinpoint exactly where the session was being held until you saw the lights coming from the back yard of a house with art pieces in the front. That is when I knew I was in the right place. 

The short walk from the front of the yard to the back is like Alice walking through Wonderland for the first time. Each step reveals more lights, colours, art – and some crazy beautiful people jamming to soulful sounds provided by the jazzy beat selectors. Pretty soon you realise that this is no ordinary space as you see the different artists from different backgrounds here just to unwind and meet likeminded people, mostly from Soweto.

For one Sunday a month, usually the last Sunday, this back yard is transformed into one of the most fun times one can have, with red and white tents stretched across most of the space and coloured spotlights adding to the ambience. For the seating they use low wooden crates that encourage closeness and interaction with people you’ve just met. There are also a couple of chefs in the corner preparing some munchies for the astronauts who prefer flying to walking, and a fully stocked bar for those who prefer being passengers instead of driving.

In this creative space you never know who is who, and there tend to be a lot of influential people, so interaction between strangers is highly advised. I learnt this by speaking to a random lady who seemed very nice; suddenly she had to rush on stage because she was the keyboard player for the featured artist that night, Nomisupasta, who is the youngest sister of the talented Mazwai family. 

The band was amazing and one could feel the sincerity in their performance, as they are very close to the crowd and every chord played had meaning. This is the best way to cap a month and propel oneself into a new month, with a renewed love for art. 

Facebook: His and Hers - Jams

Contact Number? 0814930655

Where? 10201 Phoka Street, Mzimhlophe, Soweto

by Tshepiso Nkoe
A soulful revolution on Sunday deep in Soweto.