Dencity Art Exhibition

Dencity Art Exhibition

You've never seen Jozi or London from this creative perspective before.  Guaranteed.

I went to the Dencity digital art exhibition not really knowing what to expect. This was my first rodeo/exhibition after all, and I was getting on this bizarre looking horse in an attempt to inject some culture into my life. The gallery was a tight space crammed with the warmly dressed.  And the art?  Damn cool.

Two artists, Andre Clements and Daniel Hirschmann, collaborated to depict landmarks from both London and Johannesburg. They wanted to do more than just highlight the differences and similarities of the two metropolises; they set out to question them.
What I saw hanging about the walls didn't make much sense to me at first. But with a little understanding of the process each image goes through, and a second harder look; things started to become clearer.



The process in its self is complex, technical and peppered with coding and mathematics. It starts with photography. Pictures of the same space are taken from different angles. These images are then equally layered on top of one another. Each artist then differs uniquely in how they interpret the layered image. Hirschmann creates and uses digital imaging programs to make alterations, whereas Clements uses algorithms (a few of which he writes himself), all in order to alter and enhance the image and obtain the desired effect. The results are as interesting as they are varied.

When asked about the exhibition, Clements said that "It's about a lot of things, hence the title 'Dencity'. It's about styles, ideas...  and how art is a metaphor for life. Technology, much like a city, is just an extension of this."





I couldn't begin to fully encapsulate all the themes and mental and physical processes that went into these works. They are wonderfully complicated and speak to something inside. It's landscape painting for the 21st century. Each artist has managed, in their own way, to marry the medium to the subject matter with phenomenal results - a strong and clear reflection of the civilised world that highlights the fluidity of a modern city.

The exhibition runs from 14 June to 13 August and at the Resolution Gallery of Digital Art.

Where?  Unit 4, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, 2193, Johannesburg







by Billy Rivers
It's a modern city face-off between London and Jozi through art at Dencity


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