Blackberry's Secret Gig With Kid Cudi

Blackberry's Secret Gig With Kid Cudi
So secure was the location of the Blackberry Secret Gig that their agents threatened to silence me forever if I leaked sensitive information. 
Ok, kidding about the death threats, but all we knew was that Grammy nominee Kid Cudi was the highlight. After reading the email confirming the rendezvous point, it self-destructed. Ok, kidding again, but revellers nearly did self-destruct trying to find leaks about the gig's location, all to no avail. I tried snooping around, but a Blackberry agent who knew the details was "not privy to disclosing the co-ordinates." Yeah, they actually talk like military personnel.
We were shuttled to the mystery location. The vehicles had wide banners displaying #BlackBerrySecretGig on the windows so that nobody could see inside or outside. After 15 minutes we arrived at Scarlet Ribbon and the secret was out...
Scarlett Ribbon is a plush club discretely hidden within the sprawling townhouse communities and office blocks of Greenstone.  For that night, it transformed into a BBMers paradise. I give mad props to Blackberry for the finger snacks and free booze and the opportunity to test their new Z10 model, which handled brilliantly. 
The crowd was amped when Kid Cudi performed anthems from his respective albums, but the enthusiasm waned because there wasn't any air conditioning, so it got extremely hot. Coupled with the bad sound, it became a disappointing show. After 30 minutes a large part of the crowd had trickled out, bitching about the "kak" sound. 
Only die-hard fans stood through Cudi's entire show. 
To attend the next secret gig, you're going to have to 'Like' the Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here.  
by Mooketsi Nthite
Mooketsi Nthite takes the PR bait and attends a mysterious (and way too hot) Blackberry gig. This time with American hitmaker Kid Cudi.