Be Independent With The Bioscope And Crash Cinema

Be Independent With The Bioscope And Crash Cinema

Forget movie night at your local mall's cinema. Get into SA's independent films by seeing them screened at the Bioscope twice a month.

In film the term 'indie' is not always well received.  Many shun independent productions due to their reputation which is linked to serious a lack of quality. However the tide is changing.  The current onslaught of indie films both internationally and locally, has demonstrated a considerable progression in the development of screen productions.

With this thought, The Crash Cinema Movement, which screens independent films at no cost to the filmmaker, was envisaged by a dedicated team of South African producers. Chule, the mastermind behind this project says 'We shot a movie in 2009 and it lived in our hard drive for 2 years.  We realised we are not the only filmmakers with nowhere to screen our films, so we started the Crash Cinema Movement to give them a platform to screen their films.'



The campaign was launched in March 2011 and continues to provide a platform for South African's to showcase and market their work.   Films are screened at The Bioscope independent cinema in Johannesburg; every first and last Sunday of the month and is open to the public at a cost of R20.  Open seven days a week, the Bioscope is Joburg's only independent art house and cultural cinema.

Last week I went to a screening and walked away undetermined. The film lacked in visual effects; but it certainly touched the heart.  It was a true South African story, well told, and you couldn't help but be completely immersed in the narrative.  'Corner of Rissik and Plein' as it was titled is graphically violent and the filmmaker didn't cut away from it regardless of inadequate technology.  This got me to thinking, this is what the project is all about; exposing talent and you cannot find talent without exploring what is available.  The ideas are out there and it is projects such as The Crash Cinema Movement that brings them to life.





After the films are screened they are also placed on the MeTv Africa website. 

The Crash Cinema Movement takes place at the Bioscope Independent Cinema every first and last Sunday of the month at 16:00.
R20 entrance
Where? 286 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg



by Genevieve Vieira
The Crash Cinema Movement and The Bioscope have teamed up to screen South African-made independent films.


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