48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project

Wanna try your hand at film making? Get a group of creatives together, enter this project and that's a wrap

If you fancy yourself as an aspiring filmmaker but have never actually made one, then the 48 Hour Film Project is exactly what you need to get your ass into gear. This year's leg of the Jozi 48 Hour took place over the weekend of 2 - 4 September. It kicked off at 6pm at the French Alliance, where excited anxious teams chose their genres for the weekend. You get 48 hours to make a film, from concept to delivery, and those 48 hours are of the most intense, most riveting and most self-exploratory you will ever experience.



This year there were over 48 teams - all made up of talented writers, actors, cinematographers, DOP's (Directors of Photography), make-up artists and sound designers. The genre we picked was Horror. Fantastic! It's something I love and something we could work with. But do not underestimate the intensity of the process. With a gathering of talented outspoken heads and hearts in one room it is often hard to agree and settle on your concept and story. We were hyperventilating trying to finalise our story at 5am on Saturday morning after only 2 hours sleep.





It's a beautiful thing when you see your team of friends come together under enormous amounts of pressure and create something you're really proud of.





Screenings for this year's 48 Hour Film Project take place at Hyde Park, Nu Metro on 17 and 18 September. To order copies and to sign up for next year's project go to Sign up to the mailing list so you can get your entries in on time.







by Joanne Olivier
Make your own movie in just 2 days for the 48 Hour Film Project.