48 Hour Film Festival

48 Hour Film Festival

The 48 Hour Film Project has sought out some of our superb talent.  Over a wild and sleepless weekend of filmmaking, 22 teams scripted, shot and edited a seven-minute movie for submission.

Beginning at 7pm on Friday 1 October, teams were completely oblivious to the genre they would be shooting.  Each producer then drew a genre from a hat and the competition started. 48 hours later, the movie had to be completed. The films also had to include three elements: randomly selected lines of dialogue, props and characters. This year's elements were:

Dialogue: I am Gatvol
Prop: Soccer Ball
Character: Parking Attendant

As you can imagine, using the line 'I am Gatvol' in a Thriller or Romance is quite something to muster, as is incorporating a random soccer ball into your film when it really doesn't belong there.  In the end, it shows the creativity of the team and makes for some entertaining flourishes to the films. 



After a successful screening at Cinema Nouveau in Rosebank, the films were judged by industry professionals Hlubi Mboya, Norman Maake and Elbe Smith.  Awards were given for the best use of the given prop, use of dialogue, use of character, genre interpretation, best actor and actress, best producing, writing, directing, sound, editing, SFX and cinematography.

Overall Best Film in the South African section of the competition went to the guys from 'Get it together' for their short film Valentown.  A romantic comedy based on a world encapsulated by love. Byron, a square shaped peg in a heart shape world, becomes 'Gatvol' and seeks refuge from all the love and romance that surrounds him.  To avoid any spoilers, the film can be viewed here.  

The film was directed and written by Joshua Rous, who is a director on the local TV series Scandal.  Speaking to Rous and James Alexander (actor), they said, "Originally we wanted to have a pre-planned idea that we would force into the concept, but then we got Romance, so we thought we'd just come up with something original.  We were going back and forth with romantic ideas, and we thought what if everything in the world was romantic, all the time, and it just cascaded from there."  Although they didn't have the time include all they had in mind, the film was still a great success. 






The 48 Hour Film Project was founded by Mark Ruppert back in 2001 with the aim to advance film making and promote filmmakers.  Last year, nearly 40 000 filmmakers made 3 000 films in 75 cities.  Rous comments that "making short films is the best way for filmmakers to practice, it won't change the world, but it's a great forum to learn.  Filmmakers don't do it enough.  Most people have 20 really shit films in them that they need to get out before making a feature film, and the 48 Hour Film Project offers the perfect platform."

Keep checking in to see how Valentown does internationally.

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by Genevieve Vieira
2 days to make one short film that will be shown and judged at the 48 Hour Film Festival? Sure thing.