Zebra Inn Is The Bar of Dead Animals

Zebra Inn Is The Bar of Dead Animals
'Join The Trophy Room and our mounted friends at the ultimate game bar of death for their first party'.  Er, Bar of death? That sounds like fun ...
You see it in the horror movies, when that dumb blonde walks into the dark room, straight towards the screams. In this case I'm the dumb, kinda blondish girl. Zebra Inn bar is filled with nearly 100 dead animal heads, and it actually seems like way more. Everywhere you turn you are faced with the sad glass eyes of the owner's kills. I was positioned under a very gloomy eland that looked like he / she was enjoying the music less than I was. But then again, even the patrons who looked as though they had been coming to the bar for the last 30-odd years skirted nervously around the dance floor.  
So the DJ wasn't amazing, but the quirky décor and the little treasures filling up every open space got my attention, and after a well-priced beer I was ready to climb up on a chair and kiss a stuffed puffer fish - just to say I had. 
As the bar filled up and the DJ got better it all became less creepy and more quirky. The owner of the Inn was fully immersed in chatting to just about everyone and welcoming them to his space.  The older crowd, red in the face by now, were getting more and more rowdy as they showed newer patrons the wonders. 
Yes it's creepy, and I'm not entirely sure I will go there again, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxed bar vibe. It's a world away from trendy Arts on Main ... and maybe that's a good thing. 
Oh, the basics. The food is good, the beer is cheap and it's open every day - just be sure to ring the ancient intercom to be let in. Of course, if you are scared of a bunch of dead animals, don't even think about going.    
Trophy Room parties will be held every month.  Keep an eye on our event listing for details.  
Zebra Inn
Market Street, Johannesburg
by Anna-Belle Mulder
Anna-Belle Mulder visits The Trophy Room at Zebra Inn and finds animal heads, red-faced drinkers and cheap beer.


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