Yogiberry Mixes Curry And Fro Yo For Your Chakras

Yogiberry Mixes Curry And Fro Yo For Your Chakras
At first, curry and frozen yoghurt seem like a bit of a weird combination. And to open a whole restaurant dedicated to it, well, I wasn't sold.
Yogiberry is a new work-in-progress, hole-in-the-wall in Maboneng and owner Shoba reckons her combo is all about balancing your dietary chakras. 
"Curry has always been... traditionally served with yoghurt. We just wanted to be smart about it and double it as a dessert," she says. "You have the chilli, you need to cool down."
That makes sense, but what differentiates this frozen yoghurt joint from the hundreds of others littering Joburg? For starters, the yoghurt is made by a dairy but according to Shoba's own strict recipe, and is flavoured only with farm fresh fruit.
But that's dessert. Let's backtrack to the main meal - the vegetarian special of the day, a delicious biryani made with fresh ingredients and served with a tiny pot of raita on the side, all for just R28.
Shoba grinds her own spices, she tells us, stopping for a moment to greet a customer: "Hi! Hello! Ja, just holler if you need any help because usually to understand this place you need help."
Her dishes aren't run-of-the-mill North Indian meals after all. As an ex-teacher, Shoba feels she's still in the classroom.
"I'm still in a lab and still educating in terms of the food that we provide," she says. "I'm hoping for this to be an inspiration place without being facetious about it, you know? Just want to just be real. What else is there in life?"
And why Maboneng for this new space?
"It's a community... of like-minded people," she explains. "For my generation, Baby Boomers, it's so special... And I feel good, I feel free, I feel I can grow, I can expand, I can enjoy, I can be myself because really, I do not fit into a niche... I'm too much of a rebel."
What? Yogiberry
Where? Fox Street, Maboneng, Johannesbur
Why? For curry done right and to cool your tastebuds down with homemade frozen yoghurt after.
Operating hours: 
Monday - Wednesday, 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday - Sunday, 10:00 - 19:00
by Nicole Samakosky
At first it seems like a weird combo, but curry and fro-yo actually work together. Give the strange duo a try at Maboneng's latest.