Welcome To The Wolfpack

Welcome To The Wolfpack
Parkhurst has seen a recent influx of upmarket franchises taking up premises on the coveted 4th Avenue strip and, despite my appreciation for the new assorted cuisines, I can't help but long for something with a bit more soul. I had all but given up and then, seemingly out of nowhere, came The Wolfpack. 
Remember George's on 4th, that semi-pretentious place, slap bang in the middle of the street? Yup, well, it's gone, the doors having closed for only a month before reopening as a brand new burger bar. Looking around at the beautiful décor and design, it's hard to believe that it pretty much materialized overnight. Someone, somewhere must need a lot of sleep...
The checkered stenciled floors, retro colour scheme and vintage chairs give the space a quirky and comfortable ambience. The facebrick walls are adorned with intricate murals - the three wolves representing the owner and his two managers, who after a particularly boozy night, proclaimed that going forward they would always stick together. Like a wolfpack, duh! The theme runs through to the bathrooms, which sport a Red Riding Hood mosaic. 
Owned by the same folks that started up the established Cnr Café in Craighall Park, it's no wonder that their opening night on Friday went off without a hitch. No first night hiccups and not an overwhelmed waiter in sight. These guys know how to run a good restaurant, and don't even get me started on the food.
The unique menu, made up almost solely of an eclectic range of gourmet burgers, is mouthwatering. I settled on the avocado and teriyaki bacon, while my boyfriend went for the appropriately named "big bad wolf" - it certainly didn't disappoint. The stocked bar has an impressive range of delicious craft beers on tap, so be sure to try them out too. 
The Wolfpack is open from Tuesday to Sunday (12pm to 12am). Follow them on Facebook for updates or call to make a booking on 011 447 7705.
21 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesbur
by Tessa Cunliffe
Tess tries out The Wolfpack on Parkhurst's 4th Avenue for the winning combo of craft beer and gourmet burgers.