Thunder Gun Steak House

Thunder Gun Steak House

Eat some Meat!!!

The Thunder Gun Steak House subscribes to a simple philosophy: serveexcellent quality matured meat, that won't break the bank, in a relaxedconvivial setting. And judging by the droves of loyal regulars thatfile in night after night, it's an effective business philosophy too.

It's been 40 years since Thunder Gun threw open its doors way back in 1968, and back then a 300g fillet would've set you back a mere R1.75, with a garlic hamburger fetching an unbelievable 60c! And although their prices have galloped along with the times, their philosophy of quality remains intact, so you can order a mouthwatering, not to mention gargantuan burger for a reasonable R36. The quality of their meat is on a par with snobbish Sandton's Butcher Shop, but thankfully, sans the pretentious people and extravagant prices. If it's just a pint in their cosy wood paneled pub that you're after, you'll be pleased to know that they serve Guinness on tap. Hard to find that nowadays.

I settled on six succulent snails for starters -- piping hot and buttery like these little critters ought to be, and snacked on a few ribs basted in Thunder Gun's special secret sauce. These baby's are popular and Paul McNab -- the friendly co-owner -- says they sell on average a mind boggling 500 kilograms of them a week! If you're famished, I recommend you order the 'Lone Ranger'. That's 1kg of ribs that are 'badder than Leroy Brown'! If you manage to polish your plate, you'll be up for a medal -- or a gastric bypass. Another popular dish is their haloumi and prawn kebab, served with garlic butter.

McNab and co. also take special pride in their menu of specialty steaks. We ordered the 200g Rump Camembert. That's a whole wheel of deep fried camembert perched atop a ravishing rump, with a sweet pepperdew sauce accompaniment (to compliment the cheese). A decadent meal if ever there was one.  But it was the 'Whizz Gun' that got the better of me. I consider myself to be a bit of a hamburger connoisseur, so when confronted with the meanest looking burger that I've ever spied, I simply couldn't resist the challenge. Enter the Whizz Gun. Thunder Gun's burgers are known simply as "guns" 150g caliber, served with extra ammo in the form of chips or a baked potato. The Whizz is sprinkled in grated (real) cheese, and smeared in a spicy barbeque sauce; it arrives stacked on a plate and towering in defiance. It won. I could only down half the thing, much to the relief of my coagulated arteries. Best damn burger this cowgirl's ever had.

Where?Palala Centre, 280 Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff, Johannesburg. 011-678-7224,

by Laura Banks
When you've got a man sized hunger, saddled with a carnivorous craving, there's only one thing to do mosey on over to the Thunder Gun Steak House, Northcliff.