This Is For The Meat Lovers

This Is For The Meat Lovers

Love Revo, a tapas bistro, is located in Maverick's Corner, a retail center made out of refurbished shipping containers. The bistro carries a groovy electro vibe which makes for a novel and youthful addition to the precinct. The restaurant is owned by Senzo, one of the local residents; this gave me a small sense of comfort that he'd be able to cater to the locals’ tummies in a way that only one from home could. My prediction wasn’t too far off.


Love Revo’s menu has the precinct at its heart, and has found a way of infusing pieces of it into each bite. The dishes are each named after popular places in the district. There’s the Main Street Life boboties, the Artisan Lofts lamb chops, Common Ground halloumi, Living Room sliders, Commissioner Street pap and the Arts on Main desserts. Even before I tasted the food the sight of the wooden trays alone, which served as a base for the food, made me salivate.


I had the Meat Lover’s Platter which Senzo explained is intended to encourage a shared eating experience. The platter included four meats wors, ribs, kebabs, meat balls and chicken and cubes of pap, crowned with chakalaka.  I should also probably tell you that it was the best pap I’ve ever tasted. The maize had the same coarse texture as braai pap and was lightly fried with breadcrumbs, which gave a beautiful golden brown colour.


Besides the food Love Revo is somewhere you want to go and chill; take some time out and take it easy. There is a constant flow of foot traffic and really interesting people who have journeyed to this vibrant city. The music will definitely you back with feel good house tracks that dance around the space. And, with a resident DJ in the house from Friday to Sunday you’ll definitely have the best time.


The bar serves a variety of concoctions and you can always depend on a consistent flow of electric sounds to make your visit a groovy one.

by Mamello Sejake
This groovy bistro is doing the most for the meat lovers.