The Thundergun

The Thundergun
The Thundergun is a culinary and a cultural experience. Tucked into a gritty little corner just off Beyers Naude, slightly south of the legendary Cresta, the best steakhouse in Jozi is a full 45 years old, and it shows. The clientele are mostly white and generally over 65 years old. If you're under 40 and used to life in 21st century Jozi, stepping over the threshold of the Gun feels like stepping into a time capsule.  
But it's a good capsule. The Thundergun's quirky cultural profile doesn't feel in any way exclusive or exclusionary. This is not a steakhouse, in other words, out of Orania. It's a welcoming spot. Young black lesbians in neon tie dye will be ushered to their table in the same way as anyone else. The business of the Thundergun is meat. All else is secondary. 
And man, they do it well. This is a steakhouse as they were meant to be. Forget the fancy over the top branded slickness of those joints in Sandton City - the Thundergun will give you the best piece of steak (or ribs, or a burger, or whatever) you could ever wrap your teeth around. They'll do it fast and with a minimum of fuss. 
These people know meat. If you're scared of blood but always wanted to try medium rare, rare, or bloody as hell, this is a place able to show you the full joy of the lightly seared cow. But if you like it burned to hell, they'll do that for you too. And they'll do it fast, and with a smile. 
There is no better meat in Jozi. Check it out. 
Photographs by: Dirk Chalmers
Where? Palala Centre, Shop 5, Corner Beyers Naude and Lewisham Roads, Northcliff, Johannesburg 
011 678 7224 
by Andrew Miller
It's got the best meat in town and a vibe that is completely unique, in a deeply old school kind of way. It's the Thundergun. Respect.