The Griffin Is Illovo's Gastropub

The Griffin Is Illovo's Gastropub

Trotting into hipsterville along with my sidekick, I found myself dreading yet another experience at a crowded venue filled with skinny jeans and giant defunct spectacles. A fancy bar punting craft beer and 'conscious-cuisine' in Illovo would surely yield just that.

A very bland sidewalk entrance revealed what seemed to be another pseudo industrial, varnished concrete establishment. I was still apprehensive, but explored nonetheless. And it wasn't the dreary venture I thought it would be.

Our barman, Neil, who came bearing coffee from the upstairs bar, claimed they'd only had one puking incident in the few weeks they'd been open. It's a sophisticated joint then. Don't be deceived though, Friday and Saturday nights are packed I'm told, serving the best craft beers and ciders on tap.



The concept behind the Gastropub is one of taking a typical London pub and adding good food, while not compromising on the quality of the beer, and in general it works.





If you want to be guaranteed a table, book in advance, even for Sunday family lunches. With zero marketing that's not bad going if you ask me - The Griffin is clearly popular. On the food front, the snack we ordered was certainly delicious. Their food philosophy is one of only in season, free range, local and sustainable (the prices are certainly not for the semi-employed, or the student, however).

Where? Illovo Junction, Corner of Corlett Drive and Oxford Road. 

As refreshing as the new sophistication is, I think I might tire of the pretention of hipsters and yuppies if I were to make this a weekly hangout. Still, it was a breath of fresh air on the bar front, and it's well worth checking out.





For more info go to:
011 447 9842









by Frances Frylinck
The Griffin in Illovo impresses with both beer and food.