The Greenhouse Bar is Classy and Lush

The Greenhouse Bar is Classy and Lush

Everything’s going green in Joburg…

Firstly, we’re the world’s largest urban forest, or jungle or whatever you want to call it, and now pretty much everyone smokes zol wherever they want because that’s what Joburgers do when they’re given a little bit of leeway on a law. 

And now, a beautiful jungle has begun to flourish in the affluent and continuous construction hub of Rosebank named The Greenhouse Bar, that we feel is perfectly suited to take off and be an outrageous hit with the Jozi faithful. 


Well, given the fact that Rosebank is pretty much becoming the new Sandton of Joburg, due to how close it is to everything, and the success of a lot of other similar conceptual bar/restaurants such as A Streetbar Named Desire, Jessica Rabbit, 86, Babylon, and Bolton Road Collective (to name a few) it goes without saying that a hip and trendy oasis that has regular live DJs and a penchant for First Thursdays and weekenders shouldn’t struggle to rope in the clientele.

If that wasn’t enough, the decor is as over the top as it comes, and the feeling that you’re in an actual greenhouse never really goes away. It’s this natural, earthy feel, and soft lighting that creates a sublime ambience that makes you want to come for afternoon cocktails and drinks and stay for the party later into the night. 

But enough about the interior and back to the things that matter…

A lot of people living in Joburg complain that there isn’t anything to do, or that there aren’t any new places with exciting events going on, which leads people to simply go out for dinner or just stay at home most of the time. 

What makes The Greenhouse Bar cool is that they have a wide range of fun stuff during the week that isn’t like the last thing they’ve just done. Whether you want to have a G ‘n T with brunch or dive into delectable sushi, they’ve got you covered. And it’s the same during the week and weekends with local favourites rocking the decks and keeping the fresh people in attendance satiated. 

It’s meant to be stylish as well as inclusive, and we think it pulls it off perfectly. So, if you’re looking for another watering hole with a touch of class then this should be your next destination. Alternatively, you should really just go there to check out the lush greenery hanging from the rooftop because it’s impressive to say the least.

by Editor
In the rapidly growing hub of Rosebank, a beautiful jungle has begun to flourish.


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