The Best Belgian Waffles In Joburg At Café Bruegel

The Best Belgian Waffles In Joburg At Café Bruegel
The Catholic school girls have a secret, and I'm about to let you in on it. When the final bell at Holy Rosary rings, the great migration across the road begins. As the big door opens and the crowd of girls pour in, the sweet aromas of true love waft out into the street, beckoning. This happens every afternoon, and if I don't hold my breath, I'm going to be lured in the sheer strength of my appetite. 
It's easier to just go into Café Bruegel and order the world's best waffle than it is to ignore the hunger pains that the thought of this restaurant evokes. Seriously, they make the most amazing Belgian waffles you'll find in Joburg, whether you're a sweet or savoury fan. 
Strawberries and cream, banana and caramel, chocolate and more chocolate - whatever you choose, the topping is going to be generous so don't bat an eye at the price. Every bite is worth every cent and you'll think of it as a one-time treat, because how can you fit any more food in your belly ever? That's where they get you. By the time that overly-full feeling has subsided, you'll already be addicted and go back for breakfast, or lunch if you have any self-control. 
When a friend suggested I try their chicken curry on a waffle, I gave her a sceptical look and ordered the Napolitana instead.  Being more of a sweet person, mince on a waffle wouldn't usually have been my choice but they know what they're doing in that kitchen, and now I'm hooked. Good thing my friend stuck with her chicken curry choice because when I tasted it, the world became a better place. Not too hot and not too sweet - it's like the perfect chicken korma, with a waffle instead of rice. Now I'm not sure which of the savoury options were the best, so take a friend and try both when you go. 
This place is as authentic as it gets - a Belgian couple opened Café Bruegel in 2007, and since then they've refurbished the place and have added to the menu. No matter where you are in Joburg, it's worth a visit!
Where? Corner Horwood Street and Eighth Avenue, Edenvale, Johannesbur
When? Mondays to Fridays: 07:00 - 16:30, Saturdays: 08:00 - 15:00, Sundays: 08:00 - 13:00. 
Tel: 011 454 5325
by Chandré Peters
Whether you're a sweet or savoury fan, this legit Belgian waffle house will treat your tastebuds well. Visit Café Bruegel as soon as possible.